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Tight Jeans: Tips To Enlarge Or Reuse Them

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Pants too tight? Indeed, you can commit to chewing salads, exercising to the point of sleepiness, and avoiding alcohol for the next few weeks, and hope that the jeans you’ve been wearing since last December still fit. The other thing to do is to come up with a plan B. That body is not the problem; your pants are the problem. So, here are some ways to make tight jeans wider as quickly as possible!

1) Spray and Pull

The easiest way is to spray the pants with warm water. Then, place the pants on the floor. Stand with your legs over the hem of the trousers and pull the trousers up in all directions at waist height. This may be a little heavy. Keep spraying and pulling up until you see results. By the way, it’s good to know that the pants will not suddenly get two sizes larger, but they will definitely be less tight.

2) Get a Sewing Machine

This is what to do when trousers become tight around the stomach. You will need to use a sewing machine a bit to do this. The method consists of using a seam ripper to remove the waistband of the pants. Then loosen the side seams of the belt band until there is enough room to fit the trousers again. Then, sew the fabric to the triangle that has been created. Fasten the waistband again, and the trousers will begin to move again.

3) Bathing in Trousers

Tight pants? Put on your pants and take a bath. It may sound strange, but this trick really works. It just requires a little more effort. Put on a pair of slightly shrunken (or stretched) pants, fill the bathtub with hot water (not too hot), and lie down in it. Keep your knees close to your chest and stretch your legs as far as possible. This is, of course, as long as the bath permits. Then allow the pants to dry naturally. It is believed that similar results can be achieved in the shower.

You couldn’t wear your jeans despite trying the tricks above? No problem. You can reuse it creatively in these 4 ways:

1) Gypsy-style Long Skirt

If you like gypsy fashion, you can make an original and glamorous gypsy skirt out of used jeans. In this case, if you want to keep the back pockets, you will have to cut the crotch of the pants. In this way, you create your own corset belt, to which you sew a lively and colorful piece of gypsy-style fabric.

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2) Work Aprons

A well-worn pair of jeans can be modified and transformed into a stylish and original work apron that will change its functionality. Cut the legs of denim pants at crotch height and shorten them to your liking. Next, untie the jeans at waist height and separate the back part, which is needed to make the apron, from the front part. Finally, attach a cotton cord to secure the apron.

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3) Denim Shorts With Lace

In just a few steps, your old jeans can be transformed into trendy shorts adorned with lace. After cutting your jeans with scissors, you will need to remove the outer corners, depending on the desired length of the shorts. In place of these, you can also apply your own lace.

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4) Cleaning Cloth

You can also reuse tight or old jeans as patches if you do not want to attempt such a piece. Simply cut the fabric into rectangles and “throw away” the pockets, zippers, buttons, etc. It’s not hard, and you won’t have to throw your jeans in the trash in any case. The stiffness of the fabric makes it incredibly excellent for window cleaning.

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Do you have more tips and tricks when it comes to tight jeans? Let us know in the comments below!


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