Those Fashion Faux-Pas Are Meant to Be Overruled

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There are plenty of fashion so called “faux-pas” out there, but we’ve come up with a list of 9 rules you should break! Remember, clothes should be fun and not something that should limit you.

Red and Pink Do Not Go Together

Ever since we were kids, we’ve heard that red and pink absolutely do not go together, so we’ve stayed away from this color combination. But when matched correctly, they look magical together. Think burgundy with light pink, or bright red with fuchsia.

You Can’t Mix Prints

Mixing different prints together is a no-no in fashion. But it works more than well! Stripes with florals, checkerboards with dotted lines, only the imagination sets the limits. If you want to start off a bit soft, you might consider taking a leopard print as a base, as it goes with almost any pattern. Another good tip is to match different prints in the same color scheme, which is also not very scary.

You Can Only Wear One Bright Color at a Time

Wearing yellow with cherry or barley blue with orange is unthinkable for many. But daring to wear two, or more, strong colors together is really nice and can make you and the clothes you wear look great.

Sequins Can Only Be Worn at Night

The fact that sequins and glittery clothes are only suitable for festive occasions is so boring and should really be changed. Brighten up a boring Tuesday at work with your best sequin sweater or put on your sequin bras when having coffee with your friends. Life gets better with glitter!

Black and Navy Don’t Go Together

Fashion experts have been saying for many years that black and navy don’t go together. Wrong, we say. If you don’t dare to go all out, you can adopt a style with one color as a base, then the other as an accessory and detail color.

If You’re Short, You Can’t Wear Long Dresses

Long dresses are stylish, comfortable and suitable for everyone. Whether you are tall or short. How easy it is not in the summer to throw on a garment and then be done? What fun! There are also a plethora of variations of this garment. Long sleeves, short sleeves, jersey fabric, silk fabric. Whatever you want, the maxi dress has it.

You Can’t Wear Socks in Sandals

Tennis socks in Velcro sandals are one of the ugliest things ever (hey all dads!), but nice socks in nice sandals is great! It’s also great when it starts to get a little colder outside and you don’t feel like putting away your summer shoes just yet.

You Can’t Mix Gold and Silver Jewelry

You don’t know where you can stand between gold and silver, it’s so beautiful! And if you are not satisfied with the two metals, you can always throw rose gold jewelry into the mix. We often wanted to know in the morning if you were going to take your favorite silver necklace, or your favorite gold bracelet, now we don’t have to.

You Must Dress According to Your Body Type

If you look like this, you should dress like this, and if you look like this, you should dress like this. No, no, no! You should wear exactly what you want, what you like and what you feel good in. No one should try to make you do anything else. You’re the one who should feel good in your clothes. Run your errand and walk.

There you go! Those were personal advice and we firmly believe that those rules shouldn’t exist, especially in Fashion. You should be able to wear whatever makes you happy! How about you? Do you know another fashion no-no that you always break? Share it with us in the comments below.

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