How to Style Velvet Clothes?

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Velvet is the star and leader of winter 2021/2022 and holds the must-have accessory of the moment. It’s soft, warm, and undeniably elegant, and feminine. Velvet works well with bottle green, burgundy, and midnight blue, but there is no shortage of nude shades and bright reds. It’s a gorgeous fabric, but a lot of fashion faux pas can be seen with this fabric as well. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on wearing it! Here are some tips to help you style your velvet outfits!


Velvet is an elegant fabric, but you can also play with it by pairing it with denim clothes. For instance, you can wear a velvet jacket with jeans. However, avoid baggy jeans and go for straight-cut trousers so that the elegance of velvet is not compromised.

The Perfect Party Outfit

Of course, velvet pants are an excellent choice for a party. You can opt for these pants when you do not feel like wearing a dress or skirt. You can pair these pants with a nice bodysuit or choose a nice long-sleeved top for a festive occasion. Most importantly, make sure the pants are attractive and the top a bit more subtle. Complete your outfit with a nice jacket and wear cool heels. Now you’re all set for the party!

Short Velvet Dress

A black velvet sheath dress with a mid-thigh hemline is a seasonal staple. You can wear it simply as it is (with nothing underneath) or pair it with a colored silk shirt. A pair of mary jane shoes with white socks guarantees the baby effect.

Another trending outfit when it comes to dresses is the cognac-colored knee-length dress with a deep slit in the middle. You can pair it with lace leggings or a biscuit-colored coat. Chic looks guaranteed!

Velvet Bodysuit

A velvet bodysuit is the simplest item to wear with jeans or a skirt. Feminine and elegant, they are perfect for special occasions. Pair it with a nice pair of pants or a sequined skirt and a decolletage.

Long Velvet Dresses

Is a long velvet dress really something you would wear on Christmas or New Year’s Eve? If this velvet dress has a grand effect, it is the accessories that make it stand out. You can instantly illuminate a long velvet dress by two strands of pearls and white ankle boots for a daytime look, or you could also style it differently. For instance, a tulle turtleneck and tights of the same color would be ideal!

Square Neck Flared Velvet Dress
Square Neck Flared Velvet Dress

Casual Coordinates with Velvet Pants

Velvet pants can also be used to create casual coordinates. For example, you can pair your pants with a shirt of the same color or a darker shirt with a subdued print or prints. Wear a biker jacket over it and complete the outfit with cool leather boots.

Velvet Accessories

If you like velvet but are not really sure about it, accessories can also play a role. For instance, velvet shoes, popular with sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid, are a big hit. For starters, try velvet boots or pumps for a trendy look. You can also use handbags, headbands, and belts to create a velvet look.

Velvet Blazer

Blazers can easily be worn with matching pants and low lace-up shoes in a darker shade. So, say yes to wearing a beige wool and silk yarn turtleneck under a blazer and blue jeans!

Velvet Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit dresses are a must-have clothing item for this cold season. It should be black or colored, with long sleeves, loose-fitting pants, and gently slipping down your legs. Wear pumps or ankle boots, but if sneakers are your preference, opt for a cropped jumpsuit.

How do you style your velvet outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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