Fall in Love with the Perks of Wearing a Cotton Dress for Your Wedding

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When you start looking for wedding dresses, you will realize that the materials are very important: the colors, the shine and the texture of each model depend on the fabrics used to make them. Today, we want you to rediscover and fall in love with one of the materials that for centuries has been used for simple wedding dresses as well as for luxurious and elegant ones: cotton. And, once you learn about all the virtues of cotton, you’ll even want it for your evening dresses you’ll wear during your honeymoon nights! Keep reading to learn more.

1.It Is Hypoallergenic

Brides with dermatitis, delicate skin or sensitivity to any type of skin irritation will benefit from the nature of cotton. The softness and purity of its fibers do not cause allergic reactions or itching, which is why it is used in baby products and medical fabrics, such as bandages and gauze. For this reason, it is also recommended for wedding dresses with sleeves and, of course, for the bride’s underwear. Because there are also beautiful cotton lingerie.

2. A Cooling Effect

Have you ever heard the expression “cotton breathes”? Well, it’s true! Cotton absorbs moisture and lets air pass through, making it breathable, lightweight and very cool, making it ideal for celebrations in hot climates or daytime outdoors. It’s not only perfect for beach wedding suits, and garden party dresses, but also for additional garments such as veils, capes, layered tops, boleros and light jackets.

3. Perfect for the Environmentally Conscious Bride

Have you heard of sustainable fashion? There are many ways to produce modern wedding dresses responsibly. Using natural fabrics is one of the best ways because their environmental footprint is smaller than synthetic fabrics. In addition, cotton that has not undergone chemical intervention is biodegradable and reusable.

Not all cottons follow sustainable processes, but the chemical intervention in their production and bleaching is minimal compared to other textiles. In addition, there are 100% organic cottons that are free of toxic substances, as well as high quality cotton fabrics obtained by recycling clothes made from the same material.

4. A Budget-Friendly Choice

Although cotton plantations need moderate temperatures and cotton textiles are also available in a wide range of prices, this material is usually quite cheap. Especially when compared to fabrics made from natural silk or other fibers commonly found in the most luxurious princess cut wedding gowns.

This is because there are many cotton producing countries, so the cost of importing and exporting this product is not too high. Of course, if you are looking for certified cotton, the cost increases. For this reason, you can find cotton copies among wedding dresses of all prices.

5. The Basis of Many Fabrics

Poplin wedding dresses, satin lingerie designs, chiffon, chiffon and organza skirts, textured bodices with textiles such as piqué or plumetis, or majestic velvet wedding capes… these are just a few of the fabrics made with cotton, but don’t doubt that in bridal stores you will discover many more with this fiber.

Thick and flowing fabrics, macramé details, lace and embroidery threads are some of the many applications of cotton that can enrich dresses. As it is a very versatile material, it can also be combined with other fibers of different origin or used in various pieces of your look.

6. Highly- Resistant

Cotton is hard to tear, which makes it a durable fabric. Although it can shrink and wrinkle easily, cotton can withstand high temperatures, so your dress can be ironed before wearing. Plus, you can use it in everything from beaches to forests.

Pay close attention to the technical details of your bridal wardrobe: from your civil wedding dress to your honeymoon outfits, your comfort is as important as your image. Also consider the fibers of your bridesmaid party dresses: quality is the most important thing!

There you are! Those were the reasons that you should definitely wear a cotton dress for your wedding. What are your thoughts on this material? Let us know in the comments below.

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