The Colors of Our Clothes: What Emotions Do They Convey?

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Colors say a lot about our personality, even our mood on a given day. It is important to know what emotions colors convey to express what we want through clothing.

Depending on certain occasions, we want to convey certain emotions to others, so when we know the meaning of colors, we can choose those that correspond.

In addition to taking into account what each color transmits, we must think about the colors that favor us according to the color of our eyes, our skin and our hair, do not miss this post to highlight your best assets with the appropriate colors.

Do Colors Influence Behavior?

The answer is yes, colors influence people’s behavior, for good or bad. You’ve probably been to a conference where a businessman wants to convey security or a politician wants to convey confidence, and on many occasions they use clothing to reinforce what they want to express.

The psychology of colors and the emotions they convey can be applied to a brand’s logo, decoration and clothing, which is what we will focus on in this post.

How many times have you woken up, feeling gloomy and have gone straight to dull colors?

In this way, you allow yourself to transmit sadness, melancholy, and on many occasions, it does not make us feel better.

On the other hand, if you choose a strong color, it gives you the top immediately!

Colors Influence Behavior

Do the test one day when you wake up more discouraged than usual, take your favorite red lipstick and apply it. That’s the moment you will feel more powerful, strong and confident. All this is achieved through colors!

What Emotions Do Colors Convey?


It is linked to strong emotions, both for better and for worse.

– Positive emotions: love, passion, energy, power, strength, action, courage and leadership.

– Negative emotions: danger, anger, aggression and rage.


This is the favorite color of many people, and is often used at public events where you want to convey confidence or brands such as health or home insurance.

– Positive emotions: calm, confidence, intelligence, stability, security, integrity and loyalty.

– Negative emotions: coldness, fear.


It is associated with nature, which is why many ecological or organic brands currently use this color. As it is a color related to life and health, many companies in the industry use it.

– Positive emotions: prosperity, health, generosity, freshness, fertility.

– Negative emotions: envy, jealousy or self-centeredness.


It is the color linked to purity for many decades, which is why it is the one most brides use on their wedding day.

– Positive emotions: innocence, purity, brightness, goodness, cleanliness, freshness.

– Negative emotions: isolation and emptiness.


This is one of the neutrals, which is also in vogue this season as it is one of the spring trend colors chosen by Pantone.

– Positive emotions: neutrality, balance, reliability, security.

– Negative emotions: melancholy, depression, sadness, boredom.


It is one of the colors we use most in clothing, even if not in a total look, and of course it can not be absent when we want to convey sobriety or elegance.

– Positive emotions: authority, strength, distinction, class, elegance, sophistication and luxury.

– Negative emotions: mystery, fear and death in some cultures.


It is a color that is usually associated with brands aimed at a female audience. Depending on the shade of pink, we can transmit very different emotions.

– Positive emotions: femininity, softness, sensitivity, softness.

– Negative emotions: immaturity or vulnerability.


It is a color that is associated with the house and the warmth it represents.

– Positive emotions: naturalness, warmth, honesty, wisdom.

– Negative emotions: self-centeredness and boredom.

Now that we know what emotions colors convey, we can use them in our daily lives to express what we want. In general, the most abundant colors in any wardrobe are the basic colors (black, navy blue, brown tones, grey …), these are neutral tones that can express many positive emotions, but also a little boring if we abuse it. Therefore, we can opt for accessories such as scarves, bags or shoes to express strength, creativity, and joy.

How about you? What color do you wear the most and that is not missing in your wardrobe? Share everything with us in the comments below.

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