Get Rid of 3 Limiting Beliefs to Look Fabulous

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On many occasions, we think that looking good on the outside depends solely on the clothes we wear or external factors, when it is a job that starts on the inside! Let’s look at the limiting beliefs of your image and seek a solution.

Over the past few years I have started to read more about personal development and self-awareness, it’s a subject I have always enjoyed but until recently I hadn’t started to realize how much our beliefs and upbringing can affect our barriers. .

In order to look good on the outside, we need to start working on our image from the inside. Next I’ll tell you about the most common limiting beliefs about image, and they all have a solution!

Limiting Belief No 1: I Don’t Have Enough Time

As everything in life is about planning, and really when you are aware of the extra time you need to transform a look from simple to special, you will realize that of course you have those minutes!

What may take more time is choosing the looks, and especially the accessories, that make the difference, but putting them on is NOT extra time.

Does it take longer to put on one pair of shoes than another? Does it take longer to put on one bag than another? To all these questions, the answer is always the same: NO.

So why, when we are more pressed for time, do we always dress the same way and neglect the details? What’s the secret?

– Plan your looks ahead of time and try to have different accessories on hand so you’re not tempted to wear the same ones over and over.

– Find a time each week to plan your looks for the next few days, even if you have to get up very early, leave it all prepared the night before.

Limiting Belief No 2: I Don’t Have the “Perfect Body”

Dressing well is not a question of size, we can all be beautiful and highlight our assets because everyone has good things to put forward!

The first thing to do is to know the morphology of our body, the different types of body do not depend on the size but on the shape.

By knowing our morphology, clothes can become our best ally to highlight the parts we like the most and hide the ones we don’t like so much.

This is one of the most common limiting beliefs when it comes to image, and if you stop to think about it for a moment and analyze the style of people you know, you’ll realize how wrong you are.

Let’s look at this more clearly:

– Think about the people you know or the famous people who dress well according to your taste. Do they all have the “perfect body”?

You’ve probably noticed that there is a wide variety of sizes and very different bodies among these people. On many occasions, we are the most critical judges of ourselves.

Start taking care of your style today, all bodies are perfect!

Limiting Belief No 3: I Don’t Have Money to Invest In Clothes

To dress well you don’t need to have a huge dressing room with a set for every day of the year, even if it’s the dream of many.

What is necessary is not to have many clothes, but to have the right clothes. You definitely have a lot of clothes that you can use and combine in different ways depending on the occasion.

– There is a saying that goes, “He who buys cheap, buys twice,” and it applies to clothes as well. The best thing to do is to buy timeless and good quality clothes. This way, you will have clothes that are intact for many years.

– When you read the list of essential shoes that every woman should have, you will realize that you have almost all of them, and with them, you just need to start building a good wardrobe.

– The best way not to spend a lot of money on clothes is to have basic clothes in neutral colors, they will give you the opportunity to combine them with each other in many ways. You can also make it look totally different by changing the accessories.

You now know 3 of the most common limiting beliefs that stop you from looking good and how to get rid of them. Do you know other limiting beliefs? Share them in the comments below.

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