6 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Underwear for Your Wedding

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Each detail that make up the bridal look builds the perfect image that every woman wants to project on her wedding day. Although the wedding dress is the main protagonist, there are elements that are not obvious but are crucial to be impeccable on this special occasion, such as underwear. If you haven’t thought about this detail yet or don’t know where to start looking for the lingerie you will wear, these tips will be of great help.

1.Comfort First

When looking for inspiration on what kind of underwear to wear under your wedding dress, you’ll see that there is a huge catalog of options so cute and charming that you won’t be able to resist, but wait! First, think about the fact that you will be wearing these clothes for a good part of the day, walking, dancing and being very active. Look for ones that are made of cool fabrics, with wide cuts at the waist and under the chest, and flexible fits and seams.

2.Choose Your Size Carefully

One of the most common tips from fashion experts is to choose the right size for your clothes. Underwear is no exception, as it will depend on how well it shows you off (or not), especially if you’ve chosen a body-conscious wedding dress design. The panties should fit perfectly, not too big but not too tight either, and the bra should offer perfect support without spilling over the body parts.

3.Pieces Adapted to Your Body

Like wedding dresses, lingerie should also be chosen according to your body type. Aspects such as a small chest or, on the contrary, a prominent and heavy chest, will determine the type of straps, cups and bra you need. When it comes to bottoms, low-waisted figures will wear better with wide-waisted panties, while high-waisted panties will flatter those with a larger or more prominent belly.

In addition, underwear will help you show off your best features, or alternatively, cover up what you’re not comfortable with. If you want to show off your chest to look good with the V-neck wedding dress you’ve chosen, look for a push-up bra. If you want to hide the hip, tights that have a high and tight waist will be the best allies. The trick is to find the one that best suits your body type.

4.Consider the Design of the Dress

You may have found a bra with beautiful lace embroidery, but the design of your wedding dress is minimalist and its texture is totally smooth, can you imagine that the embroidery would be marked? That would be a total mistake, so in this case you need to consider the fabric, tightness and color of the design so that the underwear is consistent and the lines, textures are not marked, let alone the color is noticed.

The neckline is another aspect to consider: if you have chosen a sweetheart neckline, strapless or illusion, strapless or push-up bras that give you a little more support are ideal. Push-ups help to enhance the bust, while self-adhesive cups or deep neckline bras are most commonly used in deep V-neckline styles.

If you wear a wedding dress with a full skirt, the possibility of the panties being noticed is minimal. Therefore, you can choose the ones that best suit you and you like, there are several cuts, such as bikini, boyhort or cheeky . However, straight and mermaid wedding clothes will require the underwear to have invisible seams or some type of fit that does not reveal the lingerie underneath.

5.Paying Attention to Fabrics and Materials

What should you take into account? The texture of your wedding dress: if it is tight and smooth, it is best to choose silk, lace or seamless lycra underwear so that they adhere to the body and do not show. If the fabric is chiffon, silk or satin, it is necessary to rule out underwear with bright colors or patterns or with embroidery.

6.The Color Also Counts

White lingerie is the most traditional because it is the predominant tone in wedding dresses made of lace and other materials. However, bridal whites have also appeared, ranging from shades of ivory, champagne and alabaster to nude, pink or a surprising blue. If the wedding dress has transparencies, it is best to use lingerie of a similar color to the skin.

An important tip that you can’t forget is to bring to the wedding dress fitting the underwear that you will wear on the wedding day. This way, you will have no doubt that you have chosen the right outfit.

What type of wedding dress have you chosen for your big day and consequently what type of underwear are you going for after reading our article? Let us know in the comments below.

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