Tips for Styling Your Inverted Triangle Body Shape

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Every women should know what type of body shape they have. Because it’s only when you know the characteristics of the different types of female morphology that you know how to dress properly. What’s yours? Do you inverted triangle figure? If yes then you’ve reached the right spot; as today we are going to give you tips on how to dress this particular body shape.

What Is the Inverted Triangle Figure?

This body type is very common among swimmers or gymnasts, and is characterized by shoulders wider than hips.

What Should You Emphasize If You Have an Inverted Triangle Body Type?

This body type resembles a “V”, with shoulders wider than the hips, a narrow waist and few curves. The legs of women with an inverted triangle body type are usually slender, so this is one of their strong points!

To compensate for the difference between the shoulders and hips, it’s all about adding volume in the hip area and defining the waist, so you’ll see a body with more curves and compensated volumes.

What Clothes Should You Have In Your Closet?

Blouses and Jackets That Are Not Structured

One of the things you need to keep in mind about how to dress if you have an inverted triangle silhouette is that the shoulders are already very marked naturally, so you don’t need to mark them further.

Use jackets and blouses in the fall and in dark or neutral colors. If you like prints, use ones that are small and with little color difference.

Raglan sleeves, and any cut that doesn’t have the seam right on the shoulder, will look good on you, as it will distract from the shoulder area.

Pants with Pockets

Low rise pants will visually make your hips look wider.

Another type of pant that will work for you if you have an inverted triangle silhouette is high-waisted pants that emphasize the waist and add volume with planks or darts.

Look for these styles with side pocket details and back pockets with a push up effect.

Any detailing around the hips or buttocks will add volume in this area and help you offset the volume with the shoulders and make your silhouette more shapely.

Skirts with a Flare

To add definition to the waist, use high-waisted skirts with a flare to add volume in the hip area.

Any cut that features planks, loops or ruffles will be your best bet.

Dresses with Volume

Look for dresses that are simple at the top and have volume in the skirt. Since you don’t have very defined curves at the waist, you will surely look great in dresses that are tighter at the bust to the waist, then with volume.

This way, the waist will be marked and you will bring volume to the hips. If you like the tube skirts, you can very well wear these clothes that have a peplum cut.

Always opt for prints and flashy details in the skirt part, and the top part more neutral.

The Neckline

If you have an inverted triangle silhouette, you usually have a large or medium bust, so you should look for necklines that add style.

You should go for V-necklines, sweetheart necklines or criss-cross necklines. Crossed necklines will also help you show off your waist.

What Clothes Should You Avoid?

When you know your body type, you need to know not only what looks good on you, but also what looks bad.

This way, you will be able to emphasize your strengths and look much more beautiful. If you have an inverted triangle figure, don’t forget the clothes to avoid.

  • Shoulder pads
  • Very structured blouses or jackets
  • Ruffles on the shoulders
  • Flashy prints on the top
  • Dark pants that don’t add volume
  • Boat neck or very open neckline
  • Strapless neckline

There you are! With all these tips you are now sure that you will slay it with your inverted triangle body shape. Do you have any other figure type? Which one and how do you style it? Share your tips in the comments below.

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