Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants: How To Properly Style Them

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Palazzo pants sit at the waist and are cut very wide from the thigh. This androgynous cut has become the standard wardrobe for any style-conscious woman.

In Which Season To Wear Them?

They can be worn in both winter and summer. In the warmer months, choose pants made of lighter materials such as silk, linen, or cotton; in the colder months, choose pants made of thicker materials such as tweed or wool. Palazzo pants are also trendy in fall, as you will notice if you look at the street style looks presented in fashion weeks. They are no longer just for the businesswoman of the ’80s and don’t necessarily require pleats or folds at the waist.

Materials And Styles

Some palazzo pants are also made of synthetics, and this material makes loose-fitting models fit snugly to the body, do not wrinkle, and are easy to iron. Other styles of palazzo pants include extravagant ones with floral, geometric, and abstract prints.

Today, they come in many variations, including trendy velvets, wild patterns, bright yellows, denim, stretch, floor-length pants, and stylish culotte length. What they all have in common are wide legs and high waists.

Palazzo And Shoes

It used to be an ironclad rule that high heels should be worn with pants, but nowadays, there are almost no style restrictions. Pair palazzo pants with high heels, and you can expect a classy look. For a casual look, they can be worn with flat shoes and trainers. On the other hand, stilettos are less suitable as the wide trouser leg can easily get caught in. If you want to wear flats, choose a slim-fitting top to emphasize your proportions.

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Palazzo And Tops

As for tops, a general rule applies: loose on the bottom, tight on the top. Tuck a shirt, jumper, or blouse into the waistband to emphasize the waist. For a daring look, opt for a layered style that is loose from head to toe, like pairing a loose-fitting jacket with palazzo pants. At this point, a slightly tailored cut or a belt at the waist will help to give it shape.

Culottes Palazzos

Setting the trend is not as easy as it looks. There are many different types of palazzo pants, differing not only by color but also by details and cut features. One of them is the culotte. This variation also includes wide legs, but these fall to just above the ankles. The culotte is a perfect mix with the elegance of a skirt and the casual look of trousers. Culottes are great for everyday wear, so you can wear them on holidays or meet friends. However, if you pair it well with a nice top, you can also go out to an evening event in this outfit.

High Waist Palazzo Trousers

For low-waisted women who want to lengthen their legs visually, designers have provided a good solution. High-waisted palazzo pants work well. This type of pants helps to reveal the silhouette, accentuating the waist and making the legs look longer. In other words, it highlights and shows only what is needed.

Palazzo Pants
High-Waisted Palazzo Pants

The Right Combination of Materials And Colors

When wearing palazzo pants in a monochrome look, you need to pay attention to details. Choose a belt or pick contrasting materials. For example, pair white palazzo pants made of sheer fabric with a chunky knitted white top.

Matching Accessories

Palazzo pants are an item that draws everyone’s attention thanks to their generous amount of fabric. Use accessories as eye-catchers. For example: match a handbag with a natural texture to pair with patterned palazzo pants.

The last and perhaps most important tip is that you should wear what you like. Wear a loose-fitting blouse instead of a tight top or flat sandals instead of high shoes; when it comes to palazzo pants, don’t be afraid to try out unconventional ways of wearing them! As always with fashion, your style should be emphasized in these trendy pants.

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