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Fashion Trends Will Rule Fall 2021

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Summer’s not quite over yet, but we’re already looking forward to a season of plaid skirts, pumpkin spice everything and cozy cashmere. Last fall, we were thrilled to dress up in fancy PJs and sweatpants while working from home but this year, we’re looking to put together some very fashionable outfits as we slowly start incorporating more restaurant visits, office days and hangouts with friends with our schedule. Here you’ll find the best fall fashion trends for fall 2021 to start shopping (and wearing) right this very second.

90s Revival

Cropped Cardigan Set Over a Miniskirt
Cropped Cardigan Set Over a Miniskirt

’90s fashion has already been in the spotlight for a few years now but this fall, we expect the trend to go even further, with the decade’s staples being worn from head to toe rather than used as accents. Pair your new favorite baguette bags with coat dresses, maxi length cardigans and long-heeled boots. Or wear a cropped cardigan set with sneakers with ankle socks and a mini skirt. Wear a white T-shirt and grungy boots under a silk slip dress, try a cute jumpsuit with a polo T-shirt and pull a plaid shirt over skater jeans.

Saturated Hues

Usually, the transition from summer to fall means swapping tropical brights and beautiful pastels for burgundy, khaki green, navy and other moody shades. But this year, vibrant tones still predominate, albeit with autumnal undertones. Think mustard yellow, deep magenta and other rich colors. The ultimate way to incorporate this trend is to mix and match unexpected combinations, such as light blue, peachy orange or marigold and purple pink, to create a seasonally appropriate and wonderfully colorful look.


While the majority of the shades you’ll see this fall will be much more rich and saturated, you’re also likely to see plenty of lavender and pale lilac. This beautiful hue appeared in every city during the fashion month, including styles from Salvatore Ferragamo, Lacoste, Jonathan Simkhai and Roksanda. Choose one or two main pieces such as a wide-leg trousers, a floaty midi dress or a lavender blazer and combine them with other shades of lavender or classic basics like T-shirts and jeans.

Dark Academia

Think The Heathers with a punk edge or Harry Potter but for posh adults, not moody teenagers. This trend started with the Gen Z on TikTok, but really, it suits almost any style or age. Stand-out pieces include pleated mini and midi skirts in dark hues, tailored leather blazers and jackets and preppy plaids in deep shades of green, navy, burgundy, brown and black.

Printed Pants

Pleated Skirts In Dark Hues
Pleated Skirts In Dark Hues

Trousers and jeans in snake prints, zebra-striped, checkerboard and lush floral trousers appear left and right. Unlike the floaty wide-leg jeans you might wear in summer, these jeans are made from much heavier, more structured fabrics like wool, denim or corduroy and are more tailored-fit. Combine them with other bright patterns or let them stand out under a simple black and white or gray sweater.

Puffy, Quilted and Textured Handbags

Think crossbodies resembling puffer jackets, ruffles and intricately woven leather staples. Some bags may even combine all three. Our absolute favorite thing about this trend is that you can basically choose any style you like – a large carryall to fit a laptop, a mini bag to fit just the essentials for an evening out or a medium-sized crossbody for weekend errands. The chicest styles are monochrome leather but that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear a puffy nylon clutch or a ruffled zebra-print shoulder bag.

Let us know in the comment section below whether you plan on adopting these styles for fall.

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