An Extensive Guide To Choosing The Right Jean For Your Body Type

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Even if you believe you know your exact size and the style you want, you can find that they don’t fit quite right when you try on jeans.

 No matter how often merchants claim that sizes are standardized, we all know this isn’t the case in every situation. Each store has a unique size 12, a unique size 6, a unique size 16, and so on.

Your body type is one of the most important variables in selecting the best-fit jeans. Everybody has a distinct body shape, and some jeans look better on some people than others. As a result, determining which jeans are best for you might be incredibly challenging.

The design of the legs and the height of the waist are the two key characteristics of jeans that determine their fit, aside from understanding your body type. This post will look at the different body types and the jeans that work best for each body type. 

An Extensive Guide To Choosing The Right Jean For Your Body Type
An Extensive Guide To Choosing The Right Jean For Your Body Type

Which styles of jeans are ideal for different body shapes?

Nobody has the same body type. Each person’s morphology is unique, necessitating several types of jeans to achieve a perfect fit. However, the majority of people fit into one of many body types.

Ectomorphic, mesomorphic, and endomorphic morphology are the only three forms of morphology recognized by science. On the other hand, these technical phrases are difficult to comprehend and envision, and they are still excessively restricted when considering body type v/s the jeans.

As a result, many people use a more informal body type system, describing the physique with fruit forms. The strawberry, banana, apple, pear, and hourglass shapes are the five primary types of body forms.

Here’s a quick rundown of each body type and the kind of jeans you should try on based on your shape:

Strawberry form

If you have larger shoulders and a narrower waist, you have a strawberry-shaped body type, often known as an inverted triangle. You have slim hips and thighs, as well as tiny buttocks.

If you have a strawberry figure, practically every sort of jeans will look well on you, so you have plenty of options. This design is characterized by narrow frames below the waist, which they would most likely wish to flaunt. As a result, while wide jeans are an option, thin jeans will highlight your shape more.

Banana form

A lack of curves is characterized as a banana-shaped figure. Because your chest, hips, and waist are essentially the same size, your body is rectangular.

Avoid wearing high-waisted jeans if you have a banana-shaped figure. Instead, choose pants that fall either below or slightly above your hips. This will provide the appearance of a defined waistline and aid in creating contours.

Apple form

An apple-shaped body is one in which the top and lower body portions are proportionate. With a large amount of your weight centered on your height, you normally have a larger chest and smaller legs.

To define your height more, you should look for mid-rise jeans. Even if people might go for high-waisted jeans with an apple-shaped figure, they can draw attention to your tummy. Bootcut jeans are a particularly flattering option for people with this morphology.


Pear form

If you have a pear-shaped physique, your upper half is usually smaller than your bottom half, implying that your legs are usually lengthy. This personality type also has broad hips and a small waist. It is, in fact, the most frequent body shape among females.

People with a pear-shaped figure can choose from a variety of denim styles. Jeans that sit above or slightly below your waist will be quite flattering when it comes to your waist. The legs should be loosened for a better fit, which means boyish-cut jeans are best for this body type.

Hourglass form

The hourglass figure is defined by a smaller waist, a larger chest, and larger hips and buttocks. Narrow jeans are a terrific stylistic alternative for folks with an hourglass figure. Those can wear low-rise or straight-leg jeans with an hourglass form to accentuate their physique.

In this article, we have helped you to identify your body type. Read part 2 of this article to know the best pants for you. Let us know in the comments, according to our above guide, which is your body type… 


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