Men’s shoes: The 7 Indispensable Pairs

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The quality of his clothes distinguishes a man’s elegance, but not only. His shoes also distinguish it. Thus, there are pairs of shoes that a man must absolutely have. We present to you very briefly some of them.

1. The moccasins


The moccasins are types of footwear that most men have since their adolescence. So this pair of shoes is very famous and practical for casual looks. If you are a lover of shirts and jeans, they should not be missing from your wardrobe. Also, this pair of shoes can be worn daily and allows you to compose simple but classy styles. Also, it is a very discreet type of shoe and therefore can be worn over all styles of clothing.

2. Derbies

Derbies are a classic pair of shoes for everyday wear. It is also worn on special occasions. It is a city footwear that is very present in all men’s wardrobes. In addition, it offers a cool attitude to its wearer and can be worn on all types of clothing. This makes it easy for everyone to choose. There are several colors and materials.

3. The desert boots


The desert boot is a popular type of city shoe. It offers a casual style to any man who wears it. It is made of suede, a material that is not too popular. If you are a person who prefers to stand out or who doesn’t like too much what is popular, desert boots will be ideal for you. In addition, they offer real comfort and are very stylish.

4. White shoes

White shoes are a must-have in a man’s wardrobe. The white color alone is enough to make you stand out. Plus, they go with everything and are practical for all dress styles except for professional ones. If you plan to go to the beach in the summer, for example, they will be perfect and will give you a casual look. You can wear them over Bermuda shorts, shorts or even pants.

5. Buckle shoes


They are old footwears that have not lost their beauty since time. On the contrary, they appeared on their most beautiful day. Therefore, they are worn as city shoes and represent an alternative to lace-up shoes. They are practical for various occasions and offer a touch of originality with their metal buckles. You can wear them with jeans or chino if you wish. Also, you can choose the leather or sole types that suit you.

6. Boat shoes

They have a style close to the moccasin. Once used by sailors, these are footwears that have delighted the hearts of many. This type of pair is easily recognizable, thanks to its white soles. They have lacings that go through the sides, making them even more elegant. They are very suitable for people who like to be classy and casual. You can wear them on all types of clothes, as the materials of manufacture and the colors are diverse and varied.

7. The Chelsea


Chelsea shoes are more practical for people in urban areas. They are high footwears with no laces and are very simple but also very practical. They are also flexible and have a quality composition that gives them all their elegance. This pair is practical for all those who want to have a British look. In addition, they offer a unique look.

Final thought

To be comfortable in your footwears, as in everything, you have to know how to evolve. And for that, what better way than trying new outfits, confronting new fashions, and going where you would never have dared to go before. This stylistic exploration is necessary when you start to get tired of your appearance and will allow you to break your codes! For that, you don’t need to go very far! 

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