Wedding Trends: Neo Mint IS the Color You Want to Go with

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Elegant evening gowns and wedding dress code are transforming season after season: cocktail dress trends mark each year the models that will make fashion history. Mint has been one of the most popular colors in evening gown collections in recent years, and continues to be a designer favorite. Find out how to use Neo Mint in your guests’ look or perhaps as the main color of your bridesmaids’ dresses. Fall in love with the coolest hue!

Do You Know the Color Neo Mint?

Neo Mint or “new mint” is a shade of green that tends toward emerald green and turquoise blue. Both the name and the hue refer to nature, to flavors that can be enjoyed in ice cream, candy or a cup of tea. Therefore, it can be a nostalgic color for some customers. It is a color that automatically awakens pleasant sensations, such as freshness, intensity and vitality. Being a cool temperature color, it can calm the heart rate and be soothing, as well as spark creativity.

What Celebrations Should You Wear This Color to?

Mint will show its intensity in dresses for daytime parties and will be a refreshing color at daytime parties. At nighttime weddings, it may appear more opaque, but at celebrations with bright, modern lighting, it can also be a striking color. It’s a great color for summer weddings and spring celebrations, as well as being used as an accent or in fall accessories.

It is a perfect shade for current concepts, such as urban weddings, large modern parties and boho glam celebrations. It can be worn outdoors or indoors, and will be very popular in beach party dresses. Since it is such a trendy hue, guests will find many textures to wear it with, from plush or velvet accessories to satin fabrics: a dress with shiny appliques and flowing layers in this hue is ideal for glamorous weddings.

Should “New Mint” Be Your Color?

This color is perfect for casual guests who want to make an unusual style statement. With fun prints, the Neo Mint color is a hallmark of modern dresses and accessories, and is also often used in elegant and minimalist evening dresses. In addition, it can give a romantic or vintage accent to informal looks.

The “new mint” goes well with all skin tones, although it can visually increase the dimensions of dresses, especially on the sides. Therefore, it can be coordinated with darker shades to refine the profile: black, gray and strong shades of green are some suggestions. Metallic accents manage to enhance the look and are those with which this shade can be best coordinated.

Neo Mint can also be paired with peach, pink and lilac, and even supports fun patterns – it’s perfect for a fun and vibrant look, and even for a dynamic wedding party. Since it’s a neutral color, it can even be coordinated with groomsmen and bridesmaids’ outfits to create a very modern yard. Be sure to check out the party catalog to find dresses from the best brands that you can wear this color with.

Accessories for a Neo Mint Look

In the coming seasons, and maybe even in the years to come, you’ll find the color mint in many items. To complete a look in this color, you can opt for jackets, trench coats and raincoats in the same shade: it will be the mark of a contemporary look. You can also wear gold jewelry and shoes in soft colors. In addition, you can find amazing bags, designer jewelry and shoes in mint tones. If you want a discreet but unique accessory for your wedding hairstyle, a simple ribbon in this shade will do.

Makeup to match such a bright color should have shades of pink, so that the complexion is not too pale. Still taking into account the rules of etiquette of each event, makeup to match with a mint outfit can have bright and postmodern styles, although it is best to avoid contrasts with shades such as red or wine. Without a doubt, you will also find shades with this hue that can be used with neutral colored dresses, green tones and even blue tones. It will also look great in nail polish and even in hair dye.

How will you use Neo Mint in your guest outfit? In a short party dress or in your accessories? Pay close attention to the wedding invitations so you know the style of the wedding and can choose a totally appropriate outfit. Add your touch to any look by discovering the trendiest shades and define your personality.


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