Let’s Glam Up Your Look Like Princess Di

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Princess Diana of Wales is and will always be remembered as a fashion icon. Her style has gone down in history for its elegance and originality, creating trends that more than a generation has incorporated into their wardrobe. The following clues will help you incorporate the most iconic elements of Lady Di’s personality so that you can create your own look as a wedding guest.

A Neckline as Sophisticated as the Princess of Wales’

One fashion lesson Lady Di left behind for generations is the delicate balance achieved by choosing a stylish neckline and irreplaceable blue color. The choice of an asymmetrical neckline with a soft shade of blue will emphasize the delicacy of the whole outfit. A shimmering fabric is essential for a royal look, as it will bring out the natural highlights of the skin and hair.

A thin strap detail is a touch of Diana’s subtle sensuality, but a slightly thicker strap or stole can add a lot of presence to your guest look. This type of neckline is perfect for indoor weddings and sunset celebrations.

Be Unforgettable With an LBD That Diana Would Approve Oof

Lady Di and her iconic dresses: the “little black dress” (LBD) and tights are the perfect balance of sensuality and sophistication. A sweetheart neckline with dropped shoulders is one of the most memorable, and along with a drape on the dress, it’s an effect that makes this must-have unique for fashionista guests. One of Diana Spencer’s most versatile styles that will showcase her full splendor at outdoor weddings and evening celebrations.

Vibrate Like Diana in a Sparkling Red Dress

No matter the occasion, Princess Diana was always perfect. That’s largely because she chose dresses with classic collars. Elegant and slim, the boat neckline allows the rest of the ensemble to incorporate vibrant details while remaining sophisticated. Shiny appliques, textures and bright colors are the elements that fill a pattern with life. These types of looks are usually appropriate for daytime weddings and indoor events.

Always Romantic: Adopt One of Its Most Characteristic Touches

Princess Diana’s dresses always showed her most romantic side. This ensemble has all the elements that a glamorous guest or a very chic bridesmaids ensemble will want to wear: soft color, ruffles and sequins will create a fairytale-like image. This style is ideal for outdoor and daytime weddings, especially in spring. It is so soft that it can even be ideal for dreamy brides who want to make several wardrobe changes at the party.

The Beauty of Blue in Diana’s Look, Take It with You!

One thing is clear: Diana loved blue! Use this fashion lesson to your advantage and adapt your favorite color to wear in any style, the possibilities are endless! With sequins, lace appliqués, satin textures or sheer fabrics, any color can be shaded in a thousand different ways. A pleated top with gemstone embellishments is perfect for garden parties, as it will sparkle on the summer dance floor like no other style. The contrast between a tight top and a voluminous skirt is a classic silhouette that can’t be missed in the wardrobe of Diana of Wales’ admirers.

Learn from the Wardrobe of the “People’s Princess”: Go for Color!

Diana was never afraid to wear bright, cheerful colors, patterns and appliqués. From her iconic cocktail dresses to her more sophisticated styles, the Princess of Wales loved to show her personality through shades like blue, pink and purple. Dare to wear the brightest and most unusual colors in your outfits. A long style exudes glamour, both for its traditional structure and for its intense color. Purple in matte fabrics can be worn day or night and is perfect for interiors, especially in spring and summer.

To always look appropriate and trendy, choose dresses that rescue the best of each era, as the Princess of Wales herself did. Honor her by integrating her style into your wardrobe and be the most sophisticated guest at the next wedding. Which style do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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