I Have Heinous Taste In Fashion: How Do I Conceal This Shortcoming?

I Have Heinous Taste In Fashion: How Do I Conceal This Shortcoming?

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You’ve spent hours getting ready for an event. But once you reach the party, you realize how your outfit had seriously missed the mark, forcing you to hide behind the drinks table.

Maybe you’ve always thought you were safe when it comes to fashion knowledge, but if your dressing style has been drawing not-so-pleasant comments – “why don’t you revise your wardrobe for a change?”, “wearing socks pulled up to your knees is so elementary school”, “you never match patterns on patterns” – it means there is a little problem with your taste in clothes.

Now, unless you are Justin Bieber – who’s earned a fashion-world fame even while wearing an oversize striped tee, basketball shorts and hotel slippers – or unless you prefer to swim against the tide and aim for totally counter-cultural, it is high time to stop dressing like Miss Hanningan from Annie.

#1. Create A Basic Wardrobe

Create A Basic Wardrobe

Gone are the days when you need to have posh velour outfits, gem-strewn tights, feathered shirts and vintage jackets. For this decade in particular, the dressing strategy is: the simpler, the better.

Forming a basic wardrobe with simple elements such as clothes of neutral color, with simple cuts and without any unnecessary details will keep away the weird looks and nasty comments.

And, when I mean basic, I’m referring to a simple, black turtleneck, a classic trench coat, some neutral T-shirts, a cotton dress, form-fitting jeans and a pantsuit.

Trust me, these clothes can save you from any emergency.

#2. Look For Fashion Trends

Look For Fashion Trends

Every decade, or century if you prefer, has its own list of trendy fashion influences and 2021 is no different. Yes, it is one of the toughest years in history, affecting all industries, including the fashion sector. But none of the 2021 fashion trends has been deemed as “distasteful” or “uncool” yet.

Embracing fashion trends can help you become more fashionable. I’m not asking you to replicate the same looks but to look for fashion solutions and inspirations so as you can draw a line between self-expression and bad taste.

#3. Always Pick Clothes For Your Body Type

Always Pick Clothes For Your Body Type

Dressing is important as it plays a major role in body language, hence in overall communication. However, communication will be easier when you look comfortable and feel confident in your clothing. The process is much more efficient when you dress as per your specific body shape.

There are five body types: rectangle, inverted triangle, pear, hourglass and apple. Want to know yours? It’s so simple: Stand in front of a full-size mirror, without any clothes (or just your underwear) and determine your body shape.

Dressing specifically to compliment your body shape will flatter your figure and make you look great. Let me give you some examples:

  • People with an apple body shape are advised to wear dresses with V or deep necklines but avoid figure-hugging dresses and skinny jeans.
  • When you have a perfect hourglass body shape like Bollywood’s PC, wearing body-hugging dresses is a must. And, if you don’t want to kill the striking look, remember to avoid loose tops or bottoms.
  • You are lucky if you’ve got Kim Kardashian body shape – pear shape. To add definition to your upper body and balance the bottom out, you need to choose wide-legged pants, A-line skirts and deep-V tops. You need to avoid loose bottoms.
  • For those with a rectangle-shaped body, your legs and arms are your most precious assets and wearing A-line skirts, sleeveless and strapless outfits will add more definition to your appearance.
  • Straight cut jeans and naturally simple dresses are mostly recommended for those with an inverted triangle shape.

#4. Keep Accessories To A Minimum

Keep Accessories To A Minimum

Too much jewelry can destroy your image. Sometimes, they are not even required. But if you can’t live without accessories, I strongly suggest you go for classic options like thin chains and modest earrings.


Which of these fashion rules do you swear by? Share your opinion in the comment section below.








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