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How To Style Midi Skirts?

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Midi skirts have outgrown their granny image since long. Celebrities, bloggers, and fashionistas are now wearing them daily. However, combining a length in between mini and maxi is quite tricky. Questions such as “How can I combine a midi skirt?”, “What kind of shoes should I wear underneath?” and “Isn’t a skirt and blouse too neat?” may prevent you from wearing a midi skirt. However, you have to be bold, and we’re here to help! Here are some styling tips for midi skirts!

Slit Midi Skirt

Mid-length skirts are especially suitable for tall and slim girls, as they are mid-calf length and tend to shorten the figure even more for those who are chubbier and not that tall.

In this case, the ideal solution is to wear a midi skirt with a slit and combine it with a crop top and high heels. These two tricks will visually “lengthen” your figure and help you regain those precious centimeters you lost.

Midi Skirts With High Slits and Prints

Mid-length skirts can be a bit boring and run the risk of becoming decidedly outdated. That’s why it’s necessary to make them modern by enhancing them a bit with prints and slits.

High slits are suitable for girls with rectangular or inverted triangle body shapes and can show off slim and toned legs. By simply changing the model of the shoes, you can make it either casual or chic, and it literally becomes a model for any occasion.

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Midi Skirt With Combat Boots

It’s time to try a nice pair of combat boots or other military boots with a midi skirt to prove that this outfit can go with any style.

The idea is to play on the contrast between the light texture of the skirt and the strict and somewhat cheap look of the military boots.

If you choose a printed or brightly colored skirt, it is essential to complement the liveliness of the lower half of the body with a simple, one-color top.

Classic Combination: Black and White

The quintessential thing about midi skirts is that they go with everything. Choosing clothes in neutral colors makes every combination easier and allows you to create a long series of outfits around a single skirt.

A high-waisted black midi skirt is perfect for girls who want to increase their comfort level. This model is also ideal for hourglass-shaped women who wish to accentuate their waist and wear clothes that fall softly on the hips.

Pleated Midi Skirt

The pleated midi skirt is an absolute must-have for girls who prefer a romantic and dreamy look. This is because it gives off the lightness of a period costume and the bon temps elegance of yesteryear. But that doesn’t mean that pleated skirt can only be worn with ultra-classic outfits.

A pastel pleated midi skirt can also be worn with light trainers, a manageable top, and a denim jacket. This would be a casual and very comfortable look for any occasion.

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Midi Skirts That Look Like Long Skirts

As already mentioned, midi skirts “add” many centimeters to your height and length if you choose a high-waisted model.

In addition to this, choosing a relatively long and wide skirt with a thicker and smaller model has the effect of visually elevating the lower half of the body.

You can add a fascinating contrast to this by wearing micro tops, whose size and type of fabric (no prints or embellishments) contrast with the highlights of the outfit, which are centered on the skirt.

What Kind of Shoes To Wear With This Look?

Sandals, of course, should be low and comfortable, perfect for hot summer days, but flat shoes, heels, or sneakers will also look fantastic. You just have to choose what you feel looks better.

Remember that a midi skirt is a versatile item that can easily complete any set, be it casual, smart casual, romantic, elegant and sophisticated!

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