Gorgeous Ideas for Your Bridesmaids’ Look (Part Two)

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This is a continuation on our list of ideas for your bridesmaids’ look. Keep reading to get creative.

Ideal for Romantic Night Weddings

Leaving the shoulders bare and compressing the torso into a feminine sweetheart neckline makes a very flattering design for breasts that don’t protrude much. Not to mention that a flare skirt will give these ladies a flowing look during prom protocols and any party.

Not sure about the color? A coral pink color will give a jovial, happy, optimistic and very emotional touch: exactly the mood the bride and groom need for a special day like this. Imagine them walking you down the aisle, they’ll make you shine even more!

High top sneakers with an ankle bracelet and a baguette bag could complete the outfit. Whether the wedding is in the afternoon or evening, this style can easily be paired with loose hair in deep waves or a half updo. Its versatility admits endless possibilities.

Classic Glamour for Sophisticated Weddings

A gown for an authentic night of glamour, shine and luxury is a beautiful model with a V-neckline in the front and squared off in the back, along with its romantic Juliet sleeves, which are loose at the top and tight at the forearms, slim the torso and balance the fall of the skirt.

We would recommend looking for this design in satin fabric which will make your ladies the most determined allies. Because of its neckline and shine, it would be wise not to saturate with accessories. For jewelry, a thin choker and some button earrings will suffice. Unless you’ve thought of a discreet jeweled headpiece? For hair, an elegant updo that highlights the details of the shoulders and back will be very sophisticated.

A turquoise blue will pair perfectly with a contrasting color bag, such as red or black. To keep the elegance going all the way to your feet, choose stilettos in the same tone as your bag or earrings.

Bohemian Bridesmaids for Simple Weddings

Why not try wonderful, flowing bohemian-inspired dresses? Those designs are simple with a deep V-neckline that will show off the wearer’s feminine figure. It is perfect for beach, country or wild weddings, marked by a very natural, essential and authentic atmosphere.

Combining it with large flowers on a bodice or crown will more than complete this daytime look, especially if you are considering pink, orange or coral tones that contrast with the dress. The most free-spirited and independent bridesmaids will feel wonderful with their hair loose, half up or with the loosest types of braids, giving them that spontaneous look that the occasion deserves.

If it’s a bohemian wedding, the most ad hoc thing is that the accessories don’t overwhelm anyone, but the ladies can still wear fringe earrings, a pendant or a subtle chain. To make the look quite comfortable, focus on wedges and platform sandals or, if everyone agrees, nice flat shoes. In addition to everything, with this dress, they will transmit happiness and a lot of joy.

Vintage Style for Wedding Parties


For the determined and confident woman, a straight cut and sensual semi-open back reveals a classic, sophisticated and timeless look. A slight waves on shoulders will suggest elegance and at the same time a vintage air that will end up surprising with a wide and round neckline in the back. The strength of this outfit is balanced by the delicacy of its light blue tone, a simple and affable color, ideal for bridesmaids.

The elegance will be extended with a jewel bag and gray heeled sneakers. To complete the outfit, a well-balanced makeup will be the best decision, that is, powerful lips in red or grape color and expressive eyes in low tones or vice versa. If the ladies wear their hair loose or a gathered hairstyle with big waves, their best friends will be the long earrings, and that’s it!

So which one of those is your favorite style? Let us know in the comments below.


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