Gorgeous Ideas for Your Bridesmaids’ Look (Part One)

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Almost as difficult as choosing the wedding dress can be choosing the outfit for bridesmaids. That’s why we’re leaving you with some great recommendations that will meet the expectations of women interested in fashion and glamour. Take a look at the following evening gowns and consider the wedding hair and accessory suggestions we have for you to make your bridesmaids look even more beautiful.

Elegant Night Look

Dark greens, reds and blues are extremely elegant colors for late night parties. Plus, their deep shades make them very flattering for all skin tones. You can also achieve a look that flatters most bodies by opting for a V-neckline and a classic A-line or empire line.

Because of the apparent simplicity of the design, women can be more creative with the hair arrangement, whether it’s loose hair on one side or a bun that leaves the collarbones exposed. Plus, it will be convenient for you to complement it with a wrist-type bag, one of those that have a strap “attached” to the wrist.

For an Urban Daytime Cocktail

In addition to being sophisticated, an urban daytime cocktail look is very versatile. At first glance, this model may seem like a perfect wedding dress for a civil wedding, but it can also be a great garment for ladies. If the wedding will be an intimate garden or terrace party, full of cocktail dresses, with an innovative and casual style, and the bride will not be worried that this powder pink comes close to white, give this specimen one more chance.

With this model, the bridesmaids will look very feminine, since their silhouettes will be well framed by its A-line skirt. Although the upper part already has a rich, yet elegant two-tone decoration, thanks to its embroidered mikado, they can wear it very well with a casual, yet cute hairstyle. Close it with a floral headband or a brooch with small beads for a flawless look.

The midi length is divine for showing off cute sneakers. We recommend you wear pumps, peep toes or strappy sandals. For a sober, monochromatic look, look for similar shades; if you’re a fan of contrast, say “yes” to something more intense or even metallic.

For a Lively Daytime Party

A midi length and somewhat asymmetrical drape is ideal for very cheerful bridesmaids and daylight weddings. It’s a dress that simulates a two-piece, with a smooth, fitted bodice and a floral-printed skirt that fits nicely around the waist and flares generously. Given the detailed nature of the pattern, it lends itself to wearing natural makeup that highlights only the lips or eyes and a simple bridal hairstyle that showcases one’s authentic beauty.

Because of its pattern, it’s best to wear very simple and understated accessories, just a few small earrings, maybe a plain bracelet and a clutch in the same blue as the top. Even for a beach wedding, this short evening dress will be a great option; just make sure to choose shoes that you won’t have trouble walking in.

Jumpsuits for 100% Urban Style


For weddings that totally break the traditional mold and women with a lot of attitude and confidence, jumpsuits are worth considering. With a pronounced shoulder pads and a neat fall cut, it allows the silhouette to be the star of the entire outfit. While long sleeves and loose pants cover almost everything, a two-tone angle play will create an optical hourglass effect that highlights feminine attributes.

It is ideal for slightly tall ladies for whom this piece does not detract from their stature. If you opt for this or something similar, look for easy hairstyles, either low, for a more casual look, or high, for a more modernist touch.

Flashy accessories won’t be necessary, a pair of long thin earrings or a simple maxi necklace will suffice. For shoes, look for open options like T-strap sandals in solid colors and a high heel to show off the sagging legs. If they must carry a bag, handbags will make a good match.

Here you are! You now have some wonderful ideas for your bridesmaids look. Do you want more suggestions? Come back to check the second part of our article. Until then, are you looking for your own look as a bride? Check out MDP Bridal Boutique. They will help you have the perfect dress for your special day.

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