Tips to Choose Your Civil Wedding Dress

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There are no specific protocols or rigid rules for celebrating a civil wedding. That’s why you can take the opportunity to make everything your own: from the civil wedding invitations to the banquet or the music selection. Although traditional white is not prohibited in civil ceremonies, there are many other styles waiting to be discovered. To choose your civil wedding dress, we bring you some things to consider. Keep reading below to learn more.

The Venue

The straight lines, empire cuts and lightweight fabrics of simple civil wedding dresses are perfect for the beach. However, don’t rule out a two-piece outfit, with a skirt or pants paired with a cute hat and belt. For a garden wedding, a short or long midi dress will be perfect, whether plain or patterned.

For a country wedding, how about a tunic style dress? You will feel very comfortable and look very light. If the celebration is going to be in a restaurant or bar, you can wear a dress that is a little more daring and play with patterns and asymmetries. Are you convinced by the sensuality of mermaid wedding dresses for a more urban look?

The more intimate your wedding is, the more simple and casual your wedding dress can be, which is not incompatible with elegance. If you’ve always dreamed of a princess cut wedding dress, don’t let your desires be frustrated just because somewhere you’ve heard they are too ostentatious to go to court. Dress as you feel most comfortable, not as dictated by the opinions of others.

For an indoor wedding, whether at home or in a hall, straight and empire cuts work very well. But if you want to wear a generous tail, just take into account the width of the space to calculate how much your dress will move and if, for example, it might get stuck in your path. Advice if there will be a double ceremony! If the civil ceremony is a few moments before the religious wedding and you plan to change your wardrobe, take into account the time you will have to get dressed and the difficulty of putting on one model or another.

Your dress can be as long or as short as you like. Flexibility is one of the benefits of civil weddings, so take advantage of it. Whether you feel comfortable in a short dress, a long dress or a midi cut, it’s totally your choice. Short civil wedding dresses are usually best suited for daytime events. For evening events, long dresses are very elegant. If you’re going to wear high heels, make sure your dress is no more than three fingers above your knee, and if you’re going to wear a long dress, make sure it’s one that doesn’t have too much tail.

The Color

You can use your favorite color, white, a light color or a color that matches the decor. If there is a meaningful color for you and your partner, you can coordinate your outfits. He can wear a tie, handkerchief or vest in the color of your dress, for example.

Bright colors are best suited for elegant civil wedding dresses, while light tones are more common in daytime civil wedding dresses. Depending on the season, brighter shades are best suited for summer and spring, while muted colors are perfect for fall and winter. Make sure your makeup and dress color complement each other.

Patterns are not forbidden, but they look best on the outside, especially if they are floral. Embroidery and lace make beautiful and elegant decorations, if you want to play with color textures.

Are you closer to your dream style? Whether you were struck by lace wedding dresses or finally decided to look for options among cocktail dresses, make sure your wedding makeup and hairstyle match. Try not to overpower your image and impose your style. And most importantly, let your imagination run wild and listen to your personality. What is your favorite style so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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