Expert Tips to Wear Multiple Prints and Patterns

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Combining various motifs in the same look is a trend and the experts’ tips contain the keys to putting it into practice and, of course, succeeding. Want to learn more? Keep reading as in today’s article, that’s exactly what we will uncover.

Mix and Match

The prints, more classic and traditional, or groundbreaking and daring, occupy a large part of the spectrum of trends each season. Some that return, others that remain, some that leave and new ones, an offer of motifs that is wider every year and that helps us to give a twist to our monochromatic looks. Choosing one and turning it into a favorite is easy, the tricky part is mixing several in an outfit, managing to come out on top and, incidentally, mark yourself with a bit of style.

As you have surely intuited, this modus operandi points directly to the ‘ mix and match’ current, the one that draws on different styles, fabrics and prints in the same outfit , and with all that explosive mix manages to compose a winning outfit with a tune never view. Just what the experts have been doing this season.

Flowers, stripes, leopard, polka dots, checks and any type of print can (and should) be mixed together, insiders word. Its fusion of two, three or more motifs, only depends on you. From your expertise to combine them and your fashionista sense, beginner, intermediate or expert level, depending on how you consider yourself, your look will be daring or not. The secret? Do it without rules or established parameters, just letting yourself be carried away by your good instinct.

What seems certain when looking at some of the most recent street style outfits is that this trend has returned with the firm intention of staying and spreading. It is true that some of them can be ahead of us in this art, but in their outfits is the inspiration we need.

A Similar Chromatic Harmony

Unstoppable like few others, the current warns us that the more disparate the patterns to be fused, the more successful our look will be. What seems to be a common trait from Barcelona to Copenhagen passing through Milan is that these motifs must enjoy a similar chromatic harmony, that is, that despite the differences, the base color will connect them. All in dark tones, in a sugary palette or neon dyes, the collection of clothes and accessories that you already have in your closet will tell you which family to go for.

A fashionable technique that looks like it will last well into spring and summer. The fashion prescribers have thus sentenced it with their combinations to attend the parades that have presented the proposals for the next season. Join, master it and do it as soon as possible is already a priority.

4 Additional Tips:

Write down these four expert tricks.

One, as we have already told you, combine prints with a common color.

Two, repeat the same print in different garments with a change in size, in one piece in XS dimension and another maxi.

Three, try and get it right with motifs such as stripes and flowers, leopard and zebra, and other pairs of prints.

Four, finally, in the case of not finding a suitable third print, separate the already selected ones with monochrome elements that match.

If you follow our advice to the letter, take a step forward and this year you dare to practice the ‘ mix and match’, your looks, in addition to pretending that they are new, will seem taken from a fashion editor’s dressing room.

What are your favorite prints and how do you wear them? We would love to read from you; share your personal tips in the comments below.


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