6 of the Most Fashionable Wedding Dress Sleeves

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Every part of your wedding dress is very special: the fabrics, the silhouette, the neckline… every detail fills it with personality and magic. Last time we covered the trendiest necklines for wedding dresses and today, let’s discover the most fashionable wedding dress sleeves, so you can choose the ones that make you feel most comfortable and match your style. Once you’ve defined your bridal look, all you have to worry about is being happy on your wedding day, so check out these new trends and pick your favorite!


  1. Puff Sleeves

The puffed sleeve became popular a few seasons ago and has continued to make a splash on the catwalks and in the collections of top designers. Puffy or puffy sleeves have a voluminous volume that surrounds the arm, visually increasing the dimensions of the top.

Although puffed sleeves can be long or short, in recent seasons they have been incorporated into wedding dresses with many details and patterns. You will definitely find the ones that perfectly complement your wedding look and style.

  1. Juliette Sleeves

Juliette sleeves are also very popular in recent years and are technically a type of puffy sleeve. They are distinguished by their relatively discreet volume and fit on the forearm.

They are so called because they are inspired by the type of costumes used in the first staging of William Shakespeare’s works. The reason they have been in fashion for so long is because they are romantic and delicate. In addition, they have been decorated with transparencies and openwork that make them feminine and elegant.

  1. Removable Sleeves or Cuffs

Removable sleeves have become attractive accessories, as they are a very practical way to add volume to simpler cuts. During the pandemic, sleeves became essential for brides who had no definitive date for their anniversary and needed to adapt their dress to the different seasons.

Removable sleeves are still very much on the trend lists today, as brands seem to love all the possibilities they offer. Puffy, straight, long or short, these pieces can transform wedding dresses in seconds to create the most adorable 2-in-1 looks.

  1. Short sleeves with Lots of Movement

In the coming seasons, you will find several short sleeve designs that will dominate the trends. The main protagonists will be the sleeves with armholes, butterfly sleeves and tulip style.

Armhole sleeves are a little thicker than the classic straps, skimming or slightly exceeding the shoulders. Tulip and butterfly sleeves have a slight flare on the shoulders or arms. All three of these styles will be very current, as the wedding dresses of the coming seasons promise a lot of movement and very stylish shoulders that will steal all the looks. Whether covered in shabby chic embellishments, pendants or three-dimensional appliqués, these sleeve styles will make brides who choose them feel fresh and glamorous.

  1. Poet Sleeves

Poet sleeves are similar to Juliet style sleeves. They are also wide and fall freely down the arm. So they tend to be an understated and understated style, but very romantic.

They are distinguished by the fact that they are cinched at the wrist and may have discreet ruffles or embellishments that make it look like the bride is wearing a bracelet to hold the sleeve. In trends, you will also find sleeves with simple shirt cuffs that maintain this style.

  1. Flared Sleeves

Bell sleeves are loose around the hand or forearm and flare out to form a fan. This is a style reminiscent of hippie and sixties fashion, although it can also reference dresses from ancient medieval and Celtic cultures.

These sleeves are full of dynamism and glamour, and will be in force in the most exquisite wedding dresses. In addition, there are sleeves with very creative endings that follow this same silhouette: cuffs with feathers and ruffles are among the most original models.

Make history wearing a bridal look with carefully selected details. Whether you choose a wedding dress with classic sleeves or one with on-trend sleeves, rest assured that you will make history on your wedding day and that your partner and loved ones will remember it forever. Which sleeves do you prefer so far? Let us know in the comments below.


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