Christmas Outfit: 4 Styling Tips

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Choosing what to wear for Christmas is an annual dilemma. Do you prefer an elegant or casual look? How can you put together a festive outfit without going overboard and elevating yourself? If you’re out of ideas and can’t seem to find the right outfit when you open your wardrobe, don’t panic, follow our advice and choose the right outfit, the right accessories, the right colors and themes for the right occasion, and you’ll have a perfect Christmas this year. And of course, don’t forget the make-up!

1) Christmas Outfits: A Party of Colors!

First, to build the perfect Christmas outfit, you must consider the attire. Christmas outfits are often characterized by two colors: red and black. This Christmas, we decided to propose a surprise effect that would stand out among the red dresses. Women who love classic chic will have no shortage of dress options in this color, but there are also purple, petrol green, and deep blue for those who like equally elegant winter colors.

While it’s hard to miss the Christmas sparkle here and there, with sequined dresses and bright decorations, it’s best not to overdo it and to save the glitterier, more outlandish attire for a more appropriate night: New Year’s Eve. You can find luxury brands as well as more affordable brands at markets as well as online stores.

General advice: If you have to choose black and don’t like the usual little black dress, try a velvet pantsuit and combine it with a white shirt.

2) Glitter Clothing that Shines at Christmas

In addition to dresses of all colors, Christmas outfits can be brightened up by wearing something sparkly. You can choose one glittery item to break up the look, such as a shirt or camisole with a skirt, or you can wear a jumpsuit for total sparkle. Or, if you prefer a simpler, more chic look, opt for a sophisticated, chic style of dress, such as a little black dress. Perhaps long sleeves and bare shoulders, but you can make it even more elegant with lantern sleeves.

3) Accessories

To complete your Christmas outfit, match it with the right accessories. But how do you find the right accessories for the occasion and your style? The guideline is always “don’t overdo it,” so depending on where you celebrate Christmas, whether at home or in a restaurant, choose an appropriate outfit and match it with the right balance. What does it mean?

If you choose a flashy dress with sequins, gold sequins, etc., choose a modest bag and shoes. Black pumps and a black bag in a matte fabric work well. On the other hand, if you choose a black or plain dress, you may want to reward yourself with a clutch bag with bijoux, embellishments, or special shoes. Since cold weather is expected, a scarf or woolen hat (with synthetic pom-poms) is a must. Some Christmas-themed trainers and casual accessories are also available to match your Christmas attire.

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4) Tips for a Casual (and Ironic) Christmas Look

Christmas parties are not the only occasions where a sophisticated, Christmassy style is required. Often, the celebration is a family affair, with everyone coming together over a meal at home. Ironic details are hidden, for example, in colored socks and Christmas-themed wool jumpers. You’ll find a great selection both online and in the physical stores. Pair them with a tartan skirt, simple black pants or blue jeans, and add striking accessories such as shiny red trainers or a unique handbag.

How will you style your outfit for Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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