6 Styling Mistakes We All Make & How To Avoid Them

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Elegance is not just a matter of clothes, shoes, and accessories. It is a combination of gestures and behavior; it is internal. This is demonstrated by the fact that even the most stylistically perfect outfit can fail and ruin all the hard work.

Here are the six easiest style mistakes that can ruin even the most perfect look!

1) Hair Elastic on the Wrist

You wear hair bands on your wrists too! What is the truth about this? Why are elastic bands considered a style faux pas? Because they can quickly ruin an outfit, especially in trendy, neon-colored scrunchies. No matter how beautiful the rest of your accessories are, the eye is drawn to that little color detail.

Solution. A small black, beige, or brown elastic band can be hidden under a watch or a rubber bracelet and makes a fashionable accessory at the same time.

2) Visible Bra Straps

No matter how beautiful a macramé top is, if the bra straps are boring (perhaps thicker than the straps of the top), the styling is wasted. A strapless bra is an absolute must for strappy tops.

Try a bandeau bra if your bust size is up to a C-cup. It will give you the most liberating and comfortable feeling, especially in summer.

On the other hand, if you have full breasts, nursing cups are essential; go for brands created especially for curvy women.

Have you tried it, but a strapless bra is out of the question? Then opt for a sensual and timeless lace bralette in the same color.

3) Peep-proof underwear

Want to wear comfortable cotton panties instead of a lace thong? The problem with panties is that they are often clearly visible under thin fabrics. Moreover, this is just a slip.

If this is the case, coordinate your underwear with pants, skirts, or dresses. And this is not only related to shape but also color. It is best to wear nude, light pink, or hazelnut underwear under white or light-colored fabrics. The closer the underwear color is to your skin color, the less visible the underwear will be under your clothes.

Tip: If you are looking for comfortable and invisible underwear, you should resort to seamless underwear. Unlike “regular” underwear, this model has no elastic and visible seams, making it very comfortable.

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4) Clothes That Are Too Tight

Proper sizing always guarantees a more stylish look, and this is important not only for visual effect! Comfortable clothing improves blood circulation, avoids inflammation and infection (especially in the pubic area, where proper ventilation prevents the risk of vaginitis and fungal infections), and keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

Tip: Instead of wearing super-stretchy jeans, wear straight-fitting, less stretchy pants. This will make your legs look slimmer.

5) Dirty Shoes

Shoes can instantly enhance your style, but they can completely ruin it, especially if they are dirty or damaged. Clean shoes are a must for good style.

Give your boots and trainers some love and care from time to time. Spray them with waterproof spray before you wear them for the first time, especially when they are still new, to protect them from rain and dirt.

And white trainers? Don’t worry! Simply rub hydrogen peroxide and baking soda onto your shoes with a toothbrush. Dry them in the sun, and they’ll be good as new.

6) Wrong Socks

Your dress fits you like a glove, your underwear is invisible, your shoes are clean, and your hair clip is in place, but your look isn’t perfect because of the wrong socks!

For stockings, there are two main options.

  1. Choose stockings that are not visible with the shoes (essential if you want your legs to look slimmer in a rolled-up dress or jeans).
  2. For simple styles and short dresses, play with tights or over-the-knee stockings for a fantasy look that is not overdone.

Let us know if these few tips have helped in the comments below!

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