Top 4 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Attire (Part 1)

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The day of your wedding is approaching, and you need to finalize the last details: wearing a suit that will make you look good. Just like the bride’s dress, the man must also take special care in choosing his outfit. When he doesn’t usually wear a suit, it becomes even more necessary in order not to look disguised.

In this article, you will find all the key tips to choosing the model and style that suits you and distinguishes you from other guests. Even if you don’t know anything about fashion, you’ll find it easy to find your way around. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about choosing your wedding attire.

1. Know the standard groom’s attire


It remains mandatory in most cultures today: the groom must wear his best suit on his wedding day and the bride’s wedding dress. In general, to avoid ordinary shades of gray, a navy blue outfit is still the most fashionable. Similarly, opting for a three-piece is the most suitable when you do not want to wear the jacket.

Remember to put a clean, new, quality white shirt under your suit. We recommend a cotton shirt with a French collar. You can adopt a contrast for the tie and avoid the too ordinary grey color. For example, a polka-dot tie and a white silk pouch folded in three points will suit you perfectly. Don’t forget to try a liberty bow tie to enhance your look.

Your outfit ends with the right size pants, which should be the perfect length, no more, no less. To top it all off, choose black socks, well-polished shoes, and a nice watch that will set you apart. This way, even without your shoes, you won’t risk stepping on them.

2. The essential preliminary steps

To choose your wedding outfit, you should not wait until the last moment to avoid rushing into any model. So go to your local tailor to order a custom-made suit, or go to your favorite ready-to-wear store to check out the available models. Remember: your wedding suit should look like a formal outfit, not a uniform. So, you should start looking for the perfect outfit a few weeks before the big day. This will allow you to analyze all your options and not succumb to the pressure of last-minute stress.

Before you get into your investigations, we also recommend that you choose your wedding theme in advance. This will help you find the right outfit and eliminate some options. Indeed, each theme has a dress code that guests and the bride and groom must follow. So start organizing early to give yourself enough time.

3. Choose between a ready-to-wear, a half-measure, or a full-measure


You have multiple options when it comes to finding the perfect suit to make you look good (not showy) on the happiest day of your life. Between a ready-to-wear, a made-to-measure, or large size, the important thing remains to find what will suit you and will adapt to the event. First of all, the ready-to-wear has the advantage of being affordable and within your budget. You can buy the perfect outfit for between 150$ and 1000$ depending on the brand.

You can even reach 5000$! However, unless you have a standard size, you will not easily find the suit that fits you exactly. With a custom-made suit, on the other hand, you will find the suit that fits your physique with the expertise of your tailor. Here, you can choose between the half-measure or the small measure and the large measure. For the first option, the tailor uses a pre-existing pattern in your size, then makes a few alterations to ensure that the suit fits perfectly.

You should expect between 600$ and 1500$. As for the large measure or bespoke, it is the perfection of elegance. The tailor measures his client from every angle, draws a unique pattern, and ensures that the garment is adapted to the individual’s physical characteristics. This will obviously cost you more and pay at least 3500$. But what can you deny yourself for this happy day?

4. Consider the style of your wedding

As stated above, you should not wait until the last moment to start the preparations for the big day, which also includes the choice of your wedding theme. So ask yourself: what is the style of the wedding? Romantic, refined, urban, country, or other. Generally, the place you choose will also allow you to define the spirit of your union as well as the style of the bride’s dress.

Once this step is completed, you will be able to adapt your costume to the overall theme and even to your partner’s outfit. But since you may not have an idea of your fiancée’s choice of dress, ask her to accompany you to your fittings instead. This way, she will give you some hints while keeping the surprise effect. You can also entrust this mission to a trusted third party (brother-in-law, friend, mother-in-law) who has seen the bride’s dress and can advise you on your costume choice.

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