Wedding Veil and Shoes
Wedding Veil and Shoes

Bridal Dress Fitting: A Few Essential Tips

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It’s fascinating, and of course, sometimes you may feel a bit pressured as well when it comes to finding the perfect bridal dress. Which dress will it be? What points should you pay attention to? And what about accessories? We’ve listed some golden tips to help you when you’re about to try on wedding dresses with your wedding squad! Let’s go for it!

Trying on Wedding Dresses

Your “Say Yes to The Dress” moment is coming. The engagement ring is finally on that finger, and after a night of trawling Instagram and Pinterest, you can continue your search for the dress of your dreams. You’ve made an appointment at the bridal store, but what should you look out for when you go to try on wedding dresses?

We always say that a good start is only half the battle. Therefore, you need to be well prepared for your first fitting. Save photos of your favorite wedding dresses and bring them with you to your fitting. This is very helpful for the salesperson to know your style and preference but keep an open mind! Try to wear the wedding dress that the salesman or saleswoman recommends. They have seen so many brides that they know exactly which wedding dress will suit their body type.

Choosing the Right Wedding Dress With Your Loved One

Trying on a wedding dress is a special moment. Get ready for a day full of first impressions, emotions, and joy. There is no one better than your support team to share and experience this moment. But who will you take with you? Who will support you in making the right choices?

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Try on Wedding Dresses With Your Family

Do you want to try on wedding dresses as soon as possible, without thinking too long? Then choose the traditional company of the following people.

Your mother: This will be the highlight of parenthood. Your mother will be your biggest fan, and she’ll think it’s her job to make her daughter shine on the big day.

The “mother-in-law: one of the most influential people in your partner’s life, besides you. She knows what your loved one finds attractive about you and can make sure that your dress, or your loved one’s dress, matches yours. Note: However, keep this a secret between you and your mother-in-law, and don’t let others know which wedding dress you will walk down the aisle in before the big day!

Sister or brother, your first best friend. Do you share everything with your sister or brother? If you do, they will be the first ones to know. Trying on wedding dresses is easier when you have your sister or brother by your side. They are the perfect person to pull you along and tell you what you need to do in such a situation.

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Wedding Dress

Bridal Lingerie

At most bridal stores, you can purchase matching bridal lingerie in addition to your wedding dress. This is practical because you can quickly get the perfect lingerie to wear under your wedding dress. When you are trying on your bridal wear for the first time, it is recommended that you wear skin-colored undergarments so that they will not show through. A strapless bra is another must-have. Find the wedding dress of your dreams and buy bridal lingerie to match it at the same time. Then, you can try them all together at the final fitting to see if everything is good for the special occasion.

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