Swimwear: How to Choose a Bikini That Suits Your Figure?

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The holidays are finally here, and you’re looking for a bikini that flatters your figure and one which is comfortable to wear. As crazy as it may sound, you may have to get out of your comfort zone to do so. Determine which figure you have and read the tips below to help you out!

1) Apple Figure

Do you have broad shoulders, a rather large chest, a tiny waist, and slim hips and legs? Then you probably have an apple figure. The ideal bikini for your figure will consist of an underwired top and sturdy fabric. This will provide better support for your breasts. Opt for straight straps rather than a halter top. For the bottom, you should choose a high-cut model. There are several other ways to camouflage a wide waist. For example, you can use pleats on the sides or in the middle of a swimsuit or tankini with a broader front. This will make your legs appear optically longer. A striped model will make your hips look wider.

2) Hourglass Figure

Do you have a defined waist, fuller chest, and balanced shoulders and hips? Then you are blessed with an hourglass figure. If you have natural curves, a bandeau bikini, for instance, would look amazing. Don’t shy away from prints and bright colors. As for bikini bottoms, choose models with narrow sides that accentuate your hips and give you a natural curve. As for the bottom, high-waisted ones would be flattering. Almost every style and model will fit you perfectly, so try them all and find the one that suits you best!

3) Pear Figure

Would you prefer to have smaller breasts, a flatter stomach, and a smaller waist? Do your hips and thighs bulge out a little more than the rest of your body? Then you probably have a pear-shaped figure. To make your body as close to proportion as possible, emphasizing your upper body more is a good idea. To do this, choose a bright top with a playful or free-spirited print. Bottoms should be light and simple. Choose a low-cut model to make your hips look much slimmer.

Femme, Potable, Coca Cola, Bikini, Bikini À Pois
Polka Dot Bikini

4) Inverted Triangle Shape

Inverted triangle shapes are those with broad shoulders, full neckline, slim waist, and narrow hips. The best option for such a body type lies in well-supported cups and details that make your hips appear wider. Wide straps and underwires provide extra support. Halter bikini tops focus more on the neck and not the shoulders. You can also pick those with padded cups for added support. Bikinis with a high neck and vertical stripes will make your shoulders look narrower. A boyfriend style or a wide hipster style embellished with ruffles or bows will also suit you. It will give you more volume and highlight your silhouette. Avoid bikinis with a small bottom.

5) Straight Figure

People with straight body types often have a flat stomach, thin torso, and thin lower body. As the name suggests, the straight body type is mainly composed of straight lines. The best option for such a body type is to emphasize the curves you have. This includes an emphasized sweetheart neckline, ruffles around the waist, and graphic prints. These details help to curve your figure a bit. Opaque swimwear also helps to give the impression of a more defined shape. Choose bikini tops and bottoms with bright prints. One-piece bikini with ruffles, bows, or large prints can also aid in enhancing your feminine figure and monokinis will look fantastic as well!

Flower Print Swimsuit
Flower Print Swimsuit

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