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Finding the Right Pair of Shoes for Your Event: 7 Types of Heels You Should Know About

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If you’re buying some shoes, you’re not going to choose just any pair, right? The same goes for the types of heels. Not all of them are suitable for all occasions, preferences or comfort expectations. Nor can you combine them with just any piece of clothing. And if you want them to be comfortable to wear, the choice is even more difficult.

In today’s fashion, there are about 10 types of heels and, if we also counted other eras, there would probably be even more. But to save you hours of searching for the perfect shoes, we’ll give you some tips on 7 of the main types of heels in women’s shoes. And on what occasion to wear each of them!

1.High Heels

High heels are those that are more than 7 cm. They style your body figure, especially the legs, perfectly and they will be a great help if you have short legs. It is better to wear them with long dresses and, especially, if you do not have to walk a lot, which could even cause tendonitis that lasts for several days. You can wear them for a party or a fancy event.



Stilettos are more than 9 cm high and are different from the previous ones because their heel is thinner and usually more pointed at the end than squared. They are glamorous, highlight the figure and are always a hit at parties.

They cannot miss in a sexy outfit. The disadvantage? You can’t wear them for long because they are very uncomfortable. But you always have the option to carry foldable ballerinas in a cloth bag in your purse if you plan to walk a lot.

3.Platform Heels

Heels with a platform are those that, in addition to the heel, have a rise in the front part of the sole.

Thus, they are more comfortable while remaining elegant. They are ideal if you want to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of high heels, but want to go out dancing, have to walk or stand for a while.

4.Wedge Shoes

Wedge Shoes

Wedge shoes are distinguished by the fact that they permanently occupy the entire surface of the sole, which gives them a certain stability. This makes them a great shoe if you want to add a few inches to your height without sacrificing comfort. They are perfect for more casual occasions, like going out for the day or going to work.

They can also be used to add a retro touch to your outfit. They were created in 1935 by Salvatore Ferragamo and revolutionized the fashion world, dressing the most fashionable women.

Today, they are very versatile: winter wedges can be worn with a dressy suit and blazer as well as with skinny jeans. And wedge sandals are perfect with a short dress or a flared skirt on a summer day.

5.Medium Heel Shoes

Mid-heeled shoes are the most common heels of boots, booties, sandals and other shoes that you can wear every day. They measure less than 7 cm and are of medium height. Being more comfortable than high heels, you can wear them daily to work, to a casual outing with friends, to a party… it all depends on the style of shoes.

6.Squared Heels

Squared Heels

Squared heels are thick like platform shoes, but without the front platform. Because of their heel, they are not very suitable for evening wear, although they greatly embellish the foot and style the figure. But yes, you can wear them to work perfectly.

7.Cuban Heels

Cuban heels are distinguished by their medium height and thickness, very similar to the square, which is only slightly thicker than the base of the sole.

You’ll often see it in sandals, which are very comfortable to walk in and with a sophisticated touch ideal for summer nights. You’ll also see it in ankle boots, where it’s a great option for going to work or on casual outings around town.

You now know what kind of heels to look for and for which occasion. Which pairs are your favorites? Share them with us in the comments below.

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