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What Can You Wear To Attend A Wedding?

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What to Wear as a Guest to a Wedding? Is this a question that has been on your mind ever since the invitations fell on the doormat? We’ve got it! A wedding is a special day, so of course, you want to look gorgeous. But what kind of attire is appropriate for a wedding? If there is a dress code, you are expected to dress accordingly, but if there is no dress code, what guidelines should you follow to avoid giving the impression of being out of place? This article provides tips and inspiration for outfits you can wear to a wedding, whether it’s a daytime wedding or an evening wedding. Get inspired!

Do You Have a Dress Code?

What attracts you as a wedding guest depends on the intentions of the wedding couple and the venue. For example, it is not very convenient to wear stilettos to a wedding on the beach, nor should you wear jeans in a luxurious castle. Nowadays, many brides and grooms specify the dress code for their wedding on their invitations. If this is the case, it is best to dress according to this dress code to avoid giving the impression of being out of place. If you are not confident about your dress, ask the bride and groom or the officiant for advice!

For instance, the dress code could be:

  • Casual Elegant
  • Casual Chic
  • Black Tie
  • Cocktail
  • Summer Chic
  • Pastel
  • City Outfit
  • Festival Chic

What To Wear as a Wedding Day Guest?

Close friends or relatives getting married? Then you are likely to be present at the wedding for the whole day. Why not dress up a bit for this special day? Well, ladies, let the search for the perfect dress begin. As for men, they usually wear a neat suit or pants with a blouse or jacket, and possibly a tie and ribbon. If the couple is getting married in a church, choose an outfit that covers your collarbones and shoulders. Also, be sure to dress according to the season. Wearing a cocktail dress to a winter wedding is really not advisable!

What To Wear When Attending a Wedding as an Evening Guest?

There’s no dress code mentioned on the invitation? Then you can wear a cocktail dress as an outfit for the evening party. It’s not that difficult for women. Just pick the best dress from your wardrobe and combine it with nice heels and cool accessories. Just make sure it is a classy dress and not white as white is for the bride. Evening guest outfits are also not complicated for men. You can always wear a lovely shirt or chinos with a blazer.


The Perfect Maxi Dress for Summer for Daytime Guests

Maxi dresses are always very elegant, especially those in pretty pastel colors and fresh floral patterns, which are perfect for summer. Not a fan of dresses? Then a neat jumpsuit is also very cool as a summer wedding outfit! Is the dress code black tie? Then choose a long, clean suit!

White Dress at a Wedding

As a woman, you should not wear white to a wedding unless explicitly asked to do so. This applies to both daytime and evening guests. The point is not to wear the color that the bride is wearing, so avoid ivory and other shades of white!

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