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How To Rock A Backless Dress?

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There is nothing more daring than an open backless dress. Absolutely, nothing! Open-back dresses are all the rage this season, and for good reasons: they give women oomph and make them look sexy. Hollywood stars always wear open-back dresses to steal the limelight on the red carpet.

Interestingly, many A-list designers favor the backless dress trend for 2022. From deep V-necks to backboned designer dresses, there are a variety of styles to try this season.

But do you know how to impress with an open back? Because to do it perfectly, you must consider every little detail and let go of your self-consciousness.

Here are some tips to show off your favorite backless dress for your next event!

1) Find a Place on Your Back Where It Absolutely Looks Great

You know your body best. So, before you buy an open-back cocktail dress or a prom dress on sale, make sure you find the spot on your back that you think is the most flattering to reveal. That way, you’ll feel confident in what you’re wearing.

2) Stick to the Right Bra

Of course, you know what style and size of bra are right for you. However, for open-back designer evening dresses, you must be aware that a regular bra may not hide under the clothing.

Below are some types of bras that look good on open-back dresses.

Adhesive bras: As the name implies, these bras stick to the bust. Since there is no headband or straps, you can wear them under open-back or strapless dresses without worrying about seams.

Another plus? They are usually available in nude colors so you can create a bra-less look while still enjoying the support you need.

Invisible bandeau bra: Invisible refers to thin straps, usually colored, translucent, or sheer. Invisible bandeau bras have no hooks in the back and adjust in the front.

Crossover bra: Another bra that is perfect for open-back dresses is the crisscross. These bras have two straps that cross over the back, leaving the shoulders bare. Depending on the impression you want to create, choose a crisscross bra in a color that matches or contrasts with the dress.

3) Get the Right Fit

The key to great success with open-back evening gowns is a perfect fit. If the dress is too big or too small, the back design will not work, and the whole look will be awkward.

Simply put, you need a dress that fits you perfectly and gives you a sophisticated look.

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4) Choose the Right Hairstyle

There is no point in wearing an evening or sexy dress with an open back if it is all covered by a loose hairstyle. Short hair or a dramatic hairstyle that doesn’t cover up the back design would be the right choice.

Messy braided buns and French hairstyles are a beautiful way to accentuate an open-back dress and be the belle of the ball.

5)  Consider The Occasion

These dress models are not suitable for professional environments. Therefore, they should not be worn as formal office wear unless paired with a long coat or blazer.

They are ideal for dinner jackets, white events, and dinner dates. It can also be worn to a wedding if you are the bride.

Otherwise, choose a dress with a moderate opening so as not to overshadow the bride.

Designer dresses with open backs are fun and fabulous. To take advantage of this fringe style, you just have to be a little bolder. Now, what are you waiting for? Get the hottest backless dresses and wow everyone with your celebrity style!

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