What Type of Heels Would Suit You The Best?

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Are you looking for a new pair of pumps, ankle boots, or heeled sandals? But you still don’t know which type of heel is the most beautiful and comfortable to wear? Well, read on and find out which type of heel suits you best!

Heel #1: Block Heels

Block heels are probably the most comfortable wide heels. In addition to the fact that these heels are incredibly comfortable, block heels are also totally back in fashion. Biker boots or block-heeled ankle boots give a fantastic look to your outfit. Block-heeled shoes are also great because they are easy to walk in, yet they are a little more feminine than flat shoes. So, if you want to look feminine and love heels but find those that are too thin difficult to walk with, ankle boots, pumps, block heeled boots, or any other types of shoes with block heels are ideal for you!

Heel #2: Straight Heels

Straight heels are slightly thinner than block heels and somewhat thicker than pin heels. Therefore, straight heels are ideal for everyday use and are recommended for those who are new to wearing heels.

Heel #3 Kitten Heels

Are you looking for a thin heel, but stilettos are a bit too much for you? Then a kitten heel is a perfect solution. A kitten heel is a 2.5 to 5 cm heel. Choose kitten-heeled ankle boots or kitten-heeled pumps, and your outfit will indeed look sophisticated.

Heel #4 Stiletto Heels

A stiletto is a high, thin heel of 7cm or more, also known as a killer heel or stiletto. Since stilettos are very thin, it takes some experience to be able to walk smoothly in. However, stilettos make you look feminine and sexy at the same time!

sexy stiletto heels
sexy stiletto heels

Heel #5 Funnel Heels

Funnel heels are a must-have for an elegant look! The funnel heel gets its name from the fact that the heel tapers to a point. The great thing about this type of heel is that they are perfect for day-to-day because they are not very high. The heels are also perfect for women who find it difficult to walk in very high heels. Are you trying to dress appropriately for the office? Then wear a pair of funnel heels under your pants and a pretty blouse.

Heels #6 Wedges

You can either hate or love wedges; there’s no in between. These are shoes with a wedge heel built into the shoe, which is also known as inheel wedge. At first glance, it is not immediately evident that you are wearing a heel, but if you get a little closer, you can see that it has a thin wedge heel. Of course, besides the fact that they are very comfortable and sporty shoes, they are very trendy and popular among many fashion bloggers. Inheel wedges are also perfect for women who want to stand a little taller while being comfortable.

How To Choose the Right Heels?

We all know by now that Meghan Markle always buys shoes that are too big. Not for fashion, but to avoid getting blisters. Is this okay?

Most people agree that shoes that are too small are a definite no-no. Not only will your toes get caught, but the constant friction will cause blisters to form on your heels much faster. On the other hand, leather shoes can sag a bit and mold to your feet. However, it is recommended to buy shoes that are a little bit bigger than those too small, especially when it comes to daily use. After all, Meghan Markle’s advice isn’t so bad.

Block Heels
Block Heels

How Should Your Heels Fit?

Before you pick up your favorite pair, have your feet measured at the store. Over the years, you may have chosen the wrong shoe size, or one of your feet may be bigger than the other. The time of day is also essential. Finish your other shopping first and save the shoe shopping for last. Feet swell slightly during the day (especially after a busy shopping day), so you need to take that into account when trying on shoes.

What type of heels do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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