Styling Tips: How to Find the Perfect Headpiece that Will Elevate Your Outfit

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So you’ve received this wedding invitation and the event is around the corner. You are super excited and everything you can think about is finding the perfect outfit and accessories. You’ve been wanting to buy a fashionable headpiece but don’t know which one to choose.

 There is an extensive choice available on the market, both in terms of prices and sizes. But finding the one that will match perfectly the wedding outfit will give you a distinguished and sophisticated touch. Wearing a headdress is very personal and luckily there is a wide range of options, including turbans, headbands, flowers, hats, and more.

 Like other accessories you should look at what are the fashionable headdresses at that time, so as not to be out of place. But there are also several tips you can use for choosing and to make your life easier, we list them below. Enjoy the reading!

 Ask for Advice

To start with, if you are not feeling very confident in choosing an elegant headdress that goes with both your personality and fashion, we recommend that once you have the dress you are going to wear to the wedding, you go with it to the store where they sell headdresses and so they can advise you much better on what is yours. Sometimes hats & headpieces designers can also be of great help, especially if you are going for something custom-made.

 Think about the Colour

Do not choose a headdress in white or similar colour. This is very important because the main star on that day is the bride, and it is very likely that she will wear a headdress or headband that matches the dress, so do not choose these shades. You can often make this “mistake” and sometimes the bride might be displeased. It’s best not to mess with this.

 So, leaving out white tones, the headpiece should be the same colour as the dress or in colours that match perfectly. For example, if the dress is pink, you can use a headdress with ivy leaves or a turban in that colour. If the dress is turquoise blue, opt for a headpiece with a fuchsia pink detail. For cyclamen (burgundy) dresses, the colour that combines best is light pink or nude.

 Consider the Material

Depending on whether the wedding is taking place in winter or summer, you should choose materials that are appropriate for that time of year. For example, for summer and daytime weddings, opt for lace or raffia headpieces or hats. While for the evening or winter, you should choose more discreet headwear such as brooches, a felt, velvet or organza headband with rhinestones or feathers.

 Decide on the Size

Choose the size of the headpiece based on several factors. One is the length of your hair or the style you are going to do. If you wear your hair short or up, the headpiece should be small, like a comb, hairpin or headband that are discreet but elegant. On the other hand, if you wear your hair long or semi up, you can wear larger hairstyles, but not to the extreme.

 Another factor is whether the wedding is daytime or night-time. For daytime weddings, the hairstyles are bigger, while for evening weddings, the hairstyles are more discreet.

 Get Proper Instructions

Imagine that the day of the wedding or event arrives and you don’t know how to put on your headdress and you find it so complicated that you choose not to put it on at the end. What a disappointment! That’s why our last trick is that when you go to buy it, make sure that the sales clerk explains how to put it on correctly and what fastening system it has. In case it is very difficult, it is preferable to buy another one to make it easier for you.

 Hopefully with these simple tricks you will know how to choose the ideal headdress so that you look beautiful as a wedding guest. If you don’t know where to look, check out MAREA BRIGHT – Exclusive Milliner, specialist in exquisite handcrafted hats for all occasions and tastes for more than 5 decades.


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