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Hottest Shoe Trends For Fall/Winter 2021-2022

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When it comes to Fall/Winter 2021-2022, it’s BIG and BOLD. This season’s designers were incredibly fascinated by the post-pandemic world (who wouldn’t be?), clearly reflected in their gorgeous designs—three cheers for imagination and brains.

We don’t know what will happen next season, given the pandemic. Fortunately, the biggest trends in footwear for 2021 are unassailable and can be offered with certainty in that area. Here are some of the hottest trends when it comes to shoes for fall/winter 2021-2022!

Pointed Stiletto Knee-High Boots

New round, new opportunities. Pointed boots are back this season his time not only with lower heels, but also with higher heels and even more colorful ones. It’s a treat for the eyes and exercise for the feet!

Snow Boots

The outdoors will continue to be a major theme for Fall/Winter 2021-2022. This includes hiking, cycling, and running. The new addition is snow fashion. Designers know that we can cross borders again, and the appearance of snowshoes seems to be in line with that. These items are big, padded, sometimes made of synthetic fur, and above all, warm. Will it remain a catwalk fairytale, or will we soon be wearing these boots for après-ski?

Punk Style Oxford Shoes

These platform loafers are reminiscent of punk pop and the British counterculture of the 80s. These thick-soled lace-up shoes will make a comeback this fall.


One of the biggest trends seen on the catwalks of major brands is glitter and silver. The so-called disco trend was mainly represented by over-the-top silver boots. The higher and more eye-catching it is, the better it is. However, this trend is not very wearable, especially since there are not so many parties to attend to. That’s why designers have been incorporating the disco trend into casual footwear like sneakers.

Crocodile Leather

Fun and elegant, crocodile leather has a texture to match any style. Besides, the variety of colors available today is astonishing compared to traditional winter fabrics.

Combination of Materials

This trend has become an integral part of the fashion scene and will continue to be a focus. Less is more and preferably a little more. Different materials, colours and prints are being used interchangeably in shoes. For example, leather, suede, mesh, nylon, different color combinations, glitter parts, and metallic details are trends. In other words, it’s a party on your feet. With this multi-material sneaker trend, you can liven up any outfit.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are also making a comeback in the winter. They are quick and easy to put on. They are suitable for casual wear, but can also be worn for a night out. Ankle boots with a low cut and pointed toe will make your legs look longer, while boots with a straight top will make your legs look shorter.


The iconic loafer has been making strides for several seasons now, and if you haven’t invested in it yet, now is the time! Add new colours, chunky versions, and luxurious ones to your collection if you already have one.

 How To Wear Loafers In Winter | How to wear loafers, Loafers  outfit, Style
Loafers In Winter

Block Heels

Wearing heels makes you look taller, slimmer and more stylish. If you choose block heels, you don’t have to compromise on comfort. If you are not sure about the right height, choose a heel between 2 and 5 cm. This is the height that most women find comfortable.

Winter Slippers

Slippers and winter are not always a logical combination. However, this trend is very evident. The difference between the summer and winter versions lies in the footbed. Where the upper part is open and exposed, the footbed is warm, soft and pliable. You could call them slippers on top and moonboats on the bottom.

Which of these shoe trends do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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