Groom’s Outfit for the Big Day: Let’s Talk About The Morning Suit

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A traditional groom’s suit that looks great at formal weddings, but you need to know how to wear it, because it not only includes some key clothes, but there are also rules about its use. So, if you do not know anything about the morning suit, we will explain what are its characteristics, what accessories go with it and other interesting information that you need to know before choosing it.

What Is the Jacket

The morning suit or jacket is a traditional suit for gentlemen in English etiquette. The morning suit consists of a frock coat, vest and pants. The frock coat is the most characteristic and recognizable part of the morning suit, it is an elongated bag finished with a skirt that opens in the front in two rounded parts. The front part is shorter and has a single button between the chest and the abdomen. The upper part of the frock coat is identical to that of a suit with round lapels.

Protocol for Wearing the Morning Suit at the Wedding

Since the wedding is a formal occasion, the groom’s suit should be black, gray or navy blue. However, the colors of the pants and vest can be varied to appeal to those looking for modern touches. During the ceremony, the frock coat should always be buttoned, unless the groom is seated. In this case and during the reception, the frock coat should be unbuttoned.

Traditionally, if the groom wears a morning suit, his best man must also wear it. Otherwise, no guest may wear a morning suit to a wedding.

The Jacket Pieces

Although formal protocol is flexible in this regard, the frock coat is usually accompanied by a vest, which, according to etiquette, must be double-breasted. However, the straight vest is also permitted. Although the vest is originally supposed to be the same color as the frock coat, modern brides and grooms prefer to take advantage of this garment to customize their look with brighter shades, such as pink or silver. The shades of this garment can be coordinated with the colors worn by the bride or with the shirts of friends of the groom.

The pants of the jacket should be tight, as it should not be closed with a belt. In addition, it should have one or two darts and should never have a hem or cuff. Although the label states that they should be gray with stripes, pants of the same color as the frock coat can also be worn.

The shirt should be white, with a stiff Italian collar and double cuffs that can be closed with cuff links. The sleeves should extend 1 to 1.5 centimeters beyond the sleeves of the frock coat.

For all the formality, and because it is really the most appropriate style, morning suits should be worn with black, matte-textured, lace-up Oxfords. While they should obviously be clean, they shouldn’t be too shiny.

Groom’s Suit Accessories

The tie is the most visible accessory of the morning suit. It can be wide or ribbon, tied with the traditional Windsor knot or with a bow tie. In all cases, the weave should be smooth and can be coordinated with the scarf.

The pocket handkerchief is mandatory with the frock coat, and the groom can wear wedding flowers on his lapel to distinguish himself from his companions.

Since it is not possible to wear a belt with the frock coat, suspenders are another accessory that, although not visible (unless the groom leaves out the formalities at the reception), should have a smooth and neutral pattern, to perfectly accompany the suit.

When Can the Morning Suit Be Worn?

According to the strictest traditions, the morning suit should only be worn at morning weddings and pre-sunset ceremonies. However, it can be worn in the evening, as long as it is a dark gray or black color. This is an acceptable style both indoors and outdoors.

The morning suit should only be worn at elegant weddings, preferably in a classic or romantic setting. The more modern styles, which feature subtle patterns, can be used for simple weddings or modern occasions.

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