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6 Different Types of Espadrilles You Need in 2023

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Espadrilles are one of the most popular summer shoes you can’t live without. But when do you put them on? What are the best times and occasions to wear them?

You can also find leather espadrilles since the brands that offer espadrilles have revised them a lot lately, or flats, like ballet flats, with rubber soles, or wedges, as an alternative to sandals with heels. With a wide selection of models and excuses to wear them, we have thought of 6 occasions for you to wear 6 different espadrille models.

1) Wedge Espadrilles: For a Romantic Evening

Wedge espadrilles are the most loved and sought-after. They are a great alternative to heeled sandals, adding a touch of elegance and sexiness, and are ideal for a night out. And in fact, we suggest wearing them for a romantic evening, a summer night with your boyfriend, or even a first date. Wear them with a slip dress or a long dress. Instead of wedges, you can opt for espadrilles with platforms.

2) Want to Look Sexy? Then Try Espadrilles With Laces!

The most sensual model of espadrilles is the laced one. They usually start at the ankle and can be laced along the calf. Laced espadrilles often look like trainers, with laces running down the back of the foot (which can also be pulled on). Some versions are more sensual and provocative, while others are purely sporty. The interpretation of the laces is up to you.

3) Alternative Look With Ethnic Espadrilles

Ethnic espadrilles are made with fabric printed with tribal or ethnic motifs on the upper part. Ethnic prints are a spring and summer staple, and this season’s shoes are no different. Even if you want to combine only a few prints, try this espadrille type to brighten up a particularly light-colored summer look. In this case, ethnic espadrilles will make your style look more special, while most people prefer pure white clothes and the typical colors of the safari look, such as beige, sand, and light brown in summer. The print options are vast and can be combined with your favorite summer looks in a fun way.

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4) Long Live the 90S! Denim Espadrilles Are Here!

The 90s trend is bearing a lot of fruit this spring/summer. One of them is the great revival of the most beloved material of the era: jeans. There is a large selection of casual and fantastic denim espadrilles. Denim espadrilles are perfect, whether it’s an afternoon out with friends, shopping, an aperitif, or playing in the park with the kids. Denim espadrilles are cheerful shoes that can be worn all day long and for almost any occasion.

5) Cheap Espadrilles to Go to the Beach

Cheap espadrilles are a strong ally when going to the beach or going away, as they can be “consumed” without too much thought or care. In summer, on holidays in the city or by the sea, you may go for long walks, and for those occasions, light and comfortable espadrilles are better than flip-flops or beach shoes. That’s why espadrilles are naturally included in the 2023 beachwear collection, including tank tops and sarongs to wear on the beach. So, a cheap but resistant pair is the way to go. As you already know, “cheap” does not mean ugly. On the contrary, many inexpensive fashion brands offer espadrilles in all shapes and patterns at prices ranging from 5 to 20 euros.

6) Dare to Ceremony in Elegant Espadrilles

Espadrilles are not necessarily suited for casual occasions only. If you want to surprise everyone, and if the event allows, try elegant espadrilles. Elegant espadrilles are perfect for baptisms, communions, confirmations, and other casual receptions such as picnics and farm lunches. Lacy ones like ballerina ribbons, embroidered, embellished, or sparkly ones, lace or crocheted ones, and many other variations are appropriate for religious ceremonies and the receptions that follow. Dressing for a baptism or communion is no easy task, but if bridal espadrilles are available, we dare you to do so!

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