Why Indian Clothes Are Suitable for Different Events and Occasions?

Why Indian Clothes Are Suitable for Different Events and Occasions?

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Indian wear is one of the most stunning fashions you will discover in the world. It is ordinarily embellished with dabs and sequins and is weaved as well; this draws out the excellence of these pieces of clothing. However, there are many more reasons why Indian wear is gaining worldwide popularity today.

Different Styles and Designs

Different Styles and DesignsIndia is a country of diversity and this same diversity is reflected in their clothing; the choices or types of Indian dresses are vast as each Indian state has different outfits. These outfits are vibrant, reflecting the Indian culture and heritage through prints, intricate hand and machine embroideries, beautiful embellishments and so on. There’s no denying that when it comes Indian wear, there is a wide assortment of ethnic clothing – from saree, lehenga-cholis, ghagras, patialas, churidars and salwar-suits – for women to choose from


  • Sarees: Sarees are extremely beautiful because of their fabric and design; one can buy sarees made from cotton, silk, linen or even georgette. Despite being draped over the body, a saree can bring out the sexiness in a woman and is actually known for accentuating a woman’s curves; it will look good on any body type irrespective of size and shape.
  • Anarkali Suit: Anarkali suits are the much sought-after and in-vogue outfits of the season. Popular B-Town queens like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachan, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor were seen flaunting this incredible outfit on various occasions. This gorgeous Anarkali suit is usually designed from top-notch quality silks, pure georgette, velvet, brocade, chiffon and cotton.
  • Patchwork Anarkali Kurta: Even if traditional patchwork falls into the category of “folk fabric arts”, the patchwork kurta is very popular today. Patchwork dresses are usually made from recycled garments or linen ware and the designs are made by drawing inspiration from the Mughal era.
  • Jacket Style Kurta Set: These are very popular among Bollywood divas, fashion influencers and designers and are sure to turn heads. Managing a saree may not be everyone’s cup of tea because of the errant pleats and the pallu that lags. However, wearing a jacket-style kurta set will give you a fashionable and comfy feel, which is a perfect and unique mix.
  • Salwar Kameez: Among all the beautiful varieties of Indian wear, salwar kameez stands out because of the sheer comfort it offers. A style of salwar kameez that is slowly gaining popularity is the Pakistani style. Similar to the Anarkali suit, the Pakistani salwar kameez is long and reaches up to below the knee and almost up to the ankle. However, unlike the Anarkali suit, the Pakistani-style kameez does not have flares and comes in a straight-cut look with a slit on both sides and most of the time, these slits are adorned with contrasting colors and lace works.

Can Go Very Well With Western Fashion

Can Go Very Well With Western FashionDespite making some very bad decisions in the name of fashion in the past, today, the fashion industry in India is considered to be very dynamic. Over the last several decades, there has been a notable boom largely due to the increasing fashion consciousness as well the integration of Western fashion.


Long ago, it was nearly impossible to choose an item that was both ethnic as well as western. Today, India follows the trends that are popular in fashion capitals like London, New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo and takes inspiration from runway shows.

When it comes to design wear, some Indian outfits can go really well with western attires like jackets, jeans, skirts, crop tops and so on. Long kurtis with long sleeves, for example, are often paired with blue denims and this combination can be an ideal wear anywhere- from offices to festivals. When you combine Anarkali suits with dark-colored jeans, the elegant look of the Anarkali dress with the slim and sophisticated look of the jeans makes it the perfect choice to wear.




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