5 Subtle Ways To Be More Elegant

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Being elegant is a matter of taste and culture, not so much about following trends.

So, to be elegant, and above all to feel elegant, we simply need to experiment and find a chic style that makes us feel good about ourselves. The most important thing about elegance is that it should feel effortless, natural, and like a way of being. So, here are some tips and tricks you should know. If you are constantly aware of them, the rest will come naturally. After reading this article, you’ll probably be in for some tough training, so be prepared!

1) Know Your Body Type

It may be obvious, but knowing your body shape, strengths and weaknesses is essential advice for dressing well. Understanding what you value and what you don’t will help you make the right choices in terms of looks, allowing you to dress in a way that emphasizes your strengths and minimizes your flaws.

Knowing your body is not just about optimizing your spending and avoiding finding unused clothes in your closet. Knowing each other is the first step to great style because only by knowing each other can we feel comfortable and choose elegant, ribboned clothing. It’s about understanding how to dress for your body, balance round and straight lines perfectly, and what it means to dress in a way that makes you feel like a real queen. You should not be afraid of curves and hide them under layers of clothing for fear of looking vulgar. We must focus on striking the right balance between seeing and not seeing, and the effect will be sensational.

2) Never Give Up on Black

Black is an eternal theme. It is not just a color, but a way of being, a certain attitude toward the world. Whether it is a coat, blazer, or dress, especially if it is a form-fitting line, incorporating the element of black into your look can save you in any situation and adapt to whatever style you choose. In fact, elegance is not about dressing stiffly, but knowing that you can wear and carry (almost) anything.

3) Bags Can Make an Impression

Often, you can combine different items such as shirts, skirts, jackets, and shoes to create an elegant outfit. To complete the look, adding accessories such as bags is also essential. For a completely black or white look, you can pamper yourself with a jewelry bag or a very colorful bag. In short, even this detail is very much dependent on your personality.

4) Always Choose the Right Size!

So far, we have advised you to choose what you think is right for you. That is true, but one thing you should be aware of is the size you choose. Often we “persist” in selecting a size that does not fit the truth, thinking that size is where we belong when in fact we should choose a larger size.

Try to be realistic and relaxed about your size, or the size that fits you, which varies from model to model. Clothing that is too tight, even though it should be the right size, may be a sign that you need to wear one size larger. In other words, once you learn to choose the right size, everything will be easier and more chic.

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5) Invest in Nude Shoes

Nude-colored shoes elongate the figure and make each calf look slimmer. Choose something as simple as possible, with as few embellishments and frills as possible, and you’ll find that they make various outfits look chic. You may never have thought of buying one before, but you often see famous stars wearing them. That’s because they are versatile, elegant, and most importantly, they can accentuate even the most not-so-slender legs.


Let us know if these tips have helped you in the comments below!

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