Pull Off the Casual Look Like a Pro

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The casual style is for those who seek to be comfortable and stylish at the same time! This style is young and “free” and conveys the image of lightness, but without losing sophistication and elegance.

The main characteristic of the casual style is to look cool without exaggeration. It gives you the opportunity to create countless combinations that can be used at any time of the day and year.

Check out some inspirations for amazing looks with this timeless and democratic style below!

Casual with a Dress

Dresses are romantic, feminine and go with anybody. It enhances the body, in addition to bringing a touch of elegance and delicacy to any look. This piece is the perfect choice for the hottest days and gives the possibility to compose looks in different styles.

To make the difference in your composition, invest in a second piece, with a belt or a denim jacket, it makes all the difference!

Casual with Jeans

Casual with Jeans

Casual looks with jeans are classic and wild, the right choice for those who do not give up comfort. The piece is present in every woman’s wardrobe and is very versatile, having the possibility to assemble several combinations in the most varied styles.

Looks with jeans can be worn at any time of day and can be adapted to different combinations, both for the work environment and for night events.

Casual with a Skirt

Skirts are very popular pieces when it comes to casual style. They can compose incredible and varied looks to be worn day or night.

With so many styles available on the market, it is possible to put together compositions that cater to different styles. If you like more modern looks, leather skirts or jeans can be a great option, while for those who like a more bohemian style, long skirts in flowing fabric are perfect!

Casual with a Jumpsuit

Casual with a Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is a very stylish piece and a great option for those who want to avoid the “obvious” pieces and create fun looks. To break up the formality of the piece, opt for lighter fabrics, like cotton, and sneakers and flats!

Casual with Tailoring

Tailoring pieces are sophisticated and elegant, usually used in more formal situations. But those who think they can’t be used in casual combinations are wrong!

The secret to incorporating these pieces is to mix them with others that are simple, like, for example, combining the tailoring pants with a t-shirt or the blazer with shorts or jeans!

Casual with Shorts

Shorts are perhaps the best synonym for casual. Perfect for hot days, this piece is very versatile, democratic and can compose looks from simple to elegant, suitable for both day and night occasions.

Additional Tips

  • Bet on Minimalism When Dressing

The minimalist combinations tend to be more elegant and practical, simplifying everyday life without losing its charm. Here’s how to adopt this style:

  • Less is More

This is the ultimate rule of minimalist style, which does not prevent the creation of an elaborate look with accessories. The focus is on working with fewer colors, less mixing of accessories, etc.

  • Go All Jeans

Combining jeans with jeans is a passion for minimalists. Totally timeless, the composition of two pieces of denim in the same look is very elegant on casual occasions. If you want to be bold in production, invest in the combination of denim pieces with different washes. If you are more classic or traditional, choose pieces from the same wash.

  • Neutral and Earthy Work Too

Neutral tones like black, navy blue, white, gray and earth tones is a simple and quick formula to give a little more elegance to the look.

  • Don’t Overlook Simple and Classic prints

Anyone who thinks that prints are not minimalist is mistaken. There are extremely simple and classic prints that also bring elegance to the look almost instantly. To do this, invest especially in stripes, plaids and dots.

Now you have all the inspiration you need to pull off the casual look like a pro! What do you think of those ideas? Do you have any of your own? Share them with us in the comments below!

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