Colours and Clothes: Styling Tips for Men (Part Two)

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When expanding your style of clothing, attention should be paid to several aspects: proportions, fit, quality of fabric and color combinations of clothing. Mixing colors in a visually pleasing way is essential to know how to dress well. Mismatched colors can result in a chaotic and unrelated outfit.

In theory, many colors don’t work well together and there is even a “three color rule” that states you should never use more than three colors at once. In practice, it’s a different story!

Colors find ways to coordinate with each other. If you are brave and have exquisite taste, you can successfully combine an infinite number of garments if the tones, hues and shades are combined harmoniously. It takes practice, a little study and access to various clothing lines.

Most people stick to the three main color schemes that are generally considered the safest and most effective way to avoid a disastrous combination. These three schemes are complementary colors, triad colors and analogous colors. And while in the first part of our article, we’ve told you more about colors in general, today, we are going to bring you tips to create perfect combinations for different occasions. Enjoy the reading; and if you haven’t checked the first article yet, you can do it here.

Complementary Colors for Clothes

Complementary Colors for Clothes

These colors are directly opposite to each other on the color wheel. They create a striking contrast and are eye-catching. As mentioned in our previous article, the best way to complement the colors is to have a dominant piece of clothing in one color and smaller details or accessories in another.

Color Triad

On the color wheel, three equally spaced colors can form a triad. Visually, this creates the most balanced form of contrast. The triad scheme is ideal when you intend to dress up your outfit, wear a three-piece suit, or when you like to wear a few accessories and want to maintain a nice balance.

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are placed directly next to each other on the color wheel. This creates a safe and minimal contrast, perfect when your clothes are similar in color. This scheme is most useful for a fancy dress combination where guests are not limited by a black tie outfit.

Color Combinations for Men

All of the above is fine, and it works well overall when you’re trying to figure out what colors go well with what. However, there are some men-specific color combinations that work well for men in particular occasions.

Effective Color Combinations

Men’s clothing combinations don’t have to be boring when it comes to dressing for work. In this case, try wearing a gray suit and matching it with burgundy or blue accessories.

Formal Wear Suits for Men

One of the best colors to choose when looking for an elegant look is “camel”. This range of colors and browns work exceptionally well with blues and burgundy to form a totally chic outfit.

Casual Color Combinations

With casual colors, we enter the realm of emotion. Here we can start adding bright colors like oranges and greens. Ideal for summer, try your blue shorts, an orange t-shirt and white sneakers, it seems simple, but you will see how the colors are tinted and complement each other.

Our Summary Guide to Color Matching

– Remember the color wheel, it’s the first step to color excellence.

– The rule of three is there for a reason, too many colors make the eyes slip.

– You can wear bright colors together, but opt for one color as a statement piece and the other as an accessory.

– Also, evaluate the occasion for which you are wearing these outfits. While it’s fashionable to wear bright colors, sometimes a simple black tie is necessary.

– Wear bright colors to work, it will brighten up the office.

The key to a successful wardrobe combination is to find a balance between all shades, hues and tones. All black can be flattering on any shape or tone, but a little color never hurts. This is the best time to experiment and find what works best for you. If you are unsure, use Sir Newton’s color wheel. It’s not for nothing that it’s been around for centuries!

How about you? What are your favorite color combinations for your outfits? Let us know in the comments below.

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