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Apple-Shaped Body: Styling Guide

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Many women see a big belly as a problem and want to hide them. However, this curve is an integral part of the female form. Therefore, there is no need to hide it completely by wearing many layers of clothing. On the contrary, the right outerwear, pants, skirts, and dresses can help you accept and admire these body parts.

Wearing the right clothes for your body type will help you feel confident and comfortable with who you are. After all, hiding is not a quick fix. Here are some fashions that suit the apple body type.

Upper Body Wear For Apple Figure

The curves of the apple body type, also known as the O figure are around the belly, so choosing the right top is very important. Making the upper body look longer makes the waist look thinner.

Simple monochromatic tops and blouses without much pattern are suitable. Dark colors are generally masked well, but this does not mean that colors cannot be worn. Vertical stripes are still considered slimming, although the “thickening” effect of horizontal lines is now controversial.

Patterns, prominent seams, large buttons, pockets, ribbons, ruffles, and other details around the belly should be avoided, as they immediately distract from the center of the body and add extra volume. These embellishments should be placed above or just below the bust so they do not squeeze the figure. Shiny materials such as satin and velvet should be avoided around the belly as they accentuate the body’s curves.

Outerwear for Apple Body Shape

Outerwear should generally be casual but not excessive and fall softly around the body. Form-fitting outerwear, blazers, pleated wrap-around skirt-type jackets, and blouses fit the body well and elongate the legs. Shape-up models that slim the midsection of the body. Tops that are too short make the body appear compressed.

Skirts and Pants for Curvy Women

Women with O figures have slender, shapely legs, so bring their slim legs and graceful ankles to the forefront. For example, slim-fitting pants like slim-fit jeans or elegant work pants look great on them. Ankle-high styles paired with ankle boots, block heels, or wedge-heeled pumps will accentuate slender ankles beautifully. Wide pants and boyfriend pants are generally less advantageous for curvy women with apple-shaped bodies: why would they want to hide even beautiful legs?

kFor skirts, too, choose models that show off the legs: A-line, three-quarter, and pencil skirts emphasize the figure and make it look more flattering.

Dresses That Suit Apple-Shaped Body Types

In addition to color and pattern, the proper cut is important when it comes to dresses. For such body types, empire dresses are suitable. Empire dresses are characterized by the fact that the waist comes directly under the bust, emphasizing the bust and making it look slimmer. Because the narrowest part of the silhouette is above the belly, the slightly rounded midsection of the body can be cleverly disguised.

Wrap dresses and A-line dresses are also ideal because they show off the body’s curves beautifully. The A-line also balances the silhouette, with the sharp cut of the upper body and the flowing, slightly swaying portion of the fabric working in perfect harmony. Knee-length dresses are very eye-catching as they show off slender legs.

On the other hand, slim pieces such as pencil dresses are not suitable, as they do not constrict the belly too much. Wavy, boho style dresses for those with an apple shape should also be avoided as they make the figure appear thicker. guest dresses for curves,OFF 50% -


When choosing accessories, choose simple necklaces, pieces of cloth, or scarves that are not too burly so as not to overburden the upper half of the body.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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