8 Tips To Keep Your Tights From Ripping

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The search for the perfect tights begins when the cold weather arrives. Sheer stockings, fishnet tights, Parisienne effect, thermal tights …there are a wide variety of patterns and types! Even if you find your favorite, they may peel right off or crack, and you can’t put them back on. How to avoid ruining your tights? This article can help you. Scroll through and discover all our secrets!

1) Reinforce with Lacquer

When wearing tights, especially thin and very delicate ones, it is practical to reinforce the fabric by spraying it with lacquer after wearing it. In the case of non-flowing stockings, the lacquer acts as a kind of glue and prevents the material from sagging. Of course, it is also essential to check the nails. Chipped nails can damage the fabric when inserting the leg. A good practice is to wet your hands slightly to soften the fabric and allow it to stretch as you wear it.

2) Tights in the Freezer

Some say they are just urban legend; others say they are the discovery of the century. However, putting tights in the freezer seems like an excellent solution to make the fabric stronger and more resistant. The cold makes the fibers of the fabric stiffer, making the stockings less prone to tearing, puncturing, and scratching. So how to do it?
Place the tights in a food-grade plastic bag and let them sit in the freezer for at least two hours. Before using, thaw at room temperature. You will find that the tights will last longer!

3) Wear Another Pair of Socks to Prevent Tearing

If your tights tear easily near your fingernails, you may want to wear shorter socks underneath. Ghost, ankle socks, anything goes; the thicker fabric will protect your tights and prevent any worrisome holes or stretch marks. And in cold weather, double socks will keep your feet warm. It’s a great trick.

However, be careful of cracked heels, broken nails, and nails that are too long. They can break or ruin your tights.

4) Gloves to Prevent Stretch Marks

Long nails? Wearing tights can cause problems. Therefore, wearing cotton gloves can be a solution, especially for delicate stockings. We recommend using gloves made of fabric or cotton, not only to protect the tights, but also to increase the sensitivity of the fingers and facilitate their grip on the fabric.

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5) Transparent Nail Polish

One piece of grandma’s wisdom that not everyone knows is that you should always have clear nail polish on hand. Why? Simple. A sock with a small hole or a slight tear can be repaired with a dot of clear nail polish. After it dries, it will act as an adhesive on the damaged area, and the tights will be ready for use. This should be done when the tights are not being worn, taking care to wait until the polish is completely dry. This solution will not help with large holes or obvious stretch marks.

6) Choose the Right Size

Tights are always available in different sizes. Just because they are super stretchy doesn’t mean they fit all sizes. Always check the label carefully when purchasing. If you don’t get the right size, you are likely to give up soon after you get in.

7) Wash Well

Do not neglect it. Avoid using brushes and wash by hand gently. Soak the tights in detergent and cold water before rinsing. The cold water temporarily thickens the fabric, making it less likely to tear the next time you put them on.

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8) Apply Body Cream

Dry skin and tights are incompatible. Dry skin causes friction, and it is well-known that friction is a no-no for tights. Always moisturize your legs before putting them on. This will make it easier to put on and take off your tights and prevent dry dead skin cells from building up inside your tights.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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