Flaunt Your Curves with the Perfect Wedding Dress

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By now, does anyone know if glamour and elegance can be bought by the pound? Weight and size are not an obstacle when it comes to projecting a sophisticated and elegant image. Wearing a spectacular dress is possible for both slim and chubby brides. And in any case, the most important thing is not only that the wedding dresses are to your taste, but that they make you feel comfortable and confident. Let’s uncover those next wedding dresses for curvy girls and embrace your curves

Stand Out or Hide?

Point number one. Being a curvy bride doesn’t mean you have to hide your body, so if you think it’s nothing to be ashamed of, show off your figure! If, on the other hand, you prefer to hide some of your curves to gain confidence in the early hours of the wedding, there is definitely a way to do so without having to go on extreme diets: there are wedding dresses for curvy women in every cut and design imaginable.

Nevertheless, for your health and to avoid the dreaded last minute adjustments to your dress, you may want to avoid certain foods before the wedding. Good decision! Try consulting a nutritionist to ensure that your fitted wedding dress is not only spectacular, but that you enjoy it to the fullest.

Wedding dresses for chubby girls don’t magically make curves disappear. With strategic management of cuts, volume, textures and falls, you’ll also find figure-hugging designs among plus-size wedding dresses.

Beyond hiding the belly, the occasional bulge, hips or wide arms, body symmetry is taken as a basis. It is therefore necessary to identify if the shoulders are wider than the hips or vice versa or if the bust, thighs or hips are wide or small. It can also be a question of proportions and curves, if you have a slightly marked waist compared to the rest of the silhouette. Have you already detected your best attributes? Then let’s continue!

The Cut of the Dress, the Key

The ideal is a simple wedding dress whose charm does not depend on excessive application of lace, embroidery, beads, transparencies, cutouts, ruffles, layers, feathers, 3D or XXL details. Anything that adds volume will make you look bigger. In general, empire, straight and A-line cuts are great choices. Princess cut wedding dresses favor wide hip silhouettes, and if you also have an hourglass body and a marked waist, maxi skirts are a great option.

Simple wedding dresses for chubby girls are not lacking in detail: their textures are luxurious and full of depth, which promotes a play of light that will give ease to your movements and depth to your demeanor. Lace dresses for round brides, for example, offer a balance of tight cuts, detail-filled dresses and figure-enhancing fabrics.

In short, high-waisted styles are great successes and it’s best to steer clear of the low, overly tight waistlines typical of some flared styles and mermaid cut wedding dresses. However, a mermaid silhouette that has a wide waist and allows enough freedom of movement would not be so crazy. Another effect that can be used is the play of ruffles or pleats in vertical and diagonal lines in princess cut wedding dresses for chubby girls that, as opposed to horizontal placements, elongate the silhouette.

If the goal is to draw attention away from broad shoulders and arms, sleeved wedding dresses are a delicate and sophisticated bet. While long-sleeved or French-sleeved designs evoke the most classic and romantic bridal aesthetic, short, wide sleeves with a slight drop are the most fashionable this season.

Attention to the Neckline

The size of the chest and the width of the shoulders will be the main characteristics to pay attention to when choosing the type of neckline according to your figure. The sweetheart neckline is infallible for a prominent chest, but if you want to explore, the U-shaped neckline is very suitable for small shoulders and busts. If, on the other hand, you have broad shoulders and arms, halter and V-necks will favor you. The former, in particular, fits most body types very well and will give you a little boost if you have a small bust.

Have your bridal store do the necessary tests and adjustments to ensure that your XXL wedding dress guarantees the exact measurement of your cups and that the straps provide comfort and support to show off your attributes with confidence. Also, choose a moderate depth of neckline to avoid creating an optical effect of greater volume.

What About the Rest of the Styling?

Although it depends on your face shape, gathered hairstyles tend to style the features. It’s also recommended that you don’t overload your outfit with very bulky jewelry and avoid small sizes among all the bridal bouquet options. As an option, you can opt for a cascading arrangement that allows you to keep the proportions well. And for the feet, choose shoes with a small heel.

Don’t be afraid of accessories: jackets, coats and capes are perfect for both tornadillas and to accompany a civil wedding dress for chubby girls. They will also be appropriate pieces for the ceremony if your dress has sheers or openings in the skirt. Balance these pieces with the volume of the dress, as you don’t want to cover a dramatic skirt with a piece that is too long. You can also opt for removable sleeves to transform your outfit and make it suitable for any climate.

Remember, the perfect wedding dress for a curvy woman is… the one she wants! If you visit the Bodas.com.mx fashion catalog and fall in love with a model, don’t hesitate to click on the link on the page: it will direct you to the company’s website and you can check if their XXL wedding dresses (or the size you need) include your dream model. Don’t give up until you find the wedding dress that makes you sigh: you deserve it!


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