4 Common Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

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You are not born knowing what goes with your body and what enhances your natural features, but we can all learn. Don’t know how? We have everything you need. In today’s article, we tell you how to play to your strengths, make the most of yourself, and most importantly, never make 4 of the most common fashion faux pas!

Clothes That Are Not Your Size

The size is a simple number or letter that helps us to choose the right garment, but depending on the brand or even the size of a specific garment, the measurements may vary.

That’s why we should not be guided only by the size indicated on the garment.

It is better to try it on or, if you buy online, to check the measurements for each size.

There is a simple way to know if a garment fits, it is to look at the folds that form while trying it on.

– If there are no creases, this is a clear indicator that the garment is the right size.

– If there are horizontal creases: this means that the garment is too stretched, that it is too small for us and that it is better to try on a size larger.

– If vertical folds form: in this case, it means that there is an excess of fabric and that the size is bigger than what we need, so it would be better to try a size down.

One of the clothes that we all have in our wardrobe are several pairs of jeans, and in addition to knowing the jeans that suit us best according to our morphology, it is important to wear it in the right size to enhance our silhouette.

If the pockets of the jeans protrude and the lining is visible, it is a little small.

Poor Quality

In life, it is always better to choose quality over quantity, and in the case of clothing, it is the same, because in the end, “cheap is expensive”.

If we want a garment to last and look good, we must pay attention to some details of the garment that will give us information about the quality it has.

– Finishes: look at the zippers, buttonholes, hems…

– Materials: generally, natural fibers wash and wear more than synthetic materials.

– Seams: Make sure the seams are strong and the buttons are tight.

Investing in timeless quality clothing is the best investment we can make in clothing.

This way, we will have a wardrobe that will last us a long time in perfect condition.

Not Dressing According to Your Body Shape

Depending on the shape of our body, there will be clothes that feel better than others, helping us to bring out the best in ourselves.

To do this, the first thing to do is to know what our body type is based on the proportion of shoulders, waist and hips, as I explained in the post on the different body morphologies.

Once we know our body morphology, we must look for clothes that seek balance and highlight our strengths. In this way, we will feel more confident and it is something that is projected in our image. By knowing your body type and buying clothes with this advice in mind, your purchases will become intelligent purchases.

Buying Trends That Are Not Our Style

You’ve probably seen a piece of clothing on someone you know or in the stores themselves, liked it at first sight and bought it!

To make smart purchases, we need to think carefully about our lifestyle, whether the garment suits us and whether we feel comfortable with it.

When we put on something that we feel completely “ourselves” with, it shows, and that’s exactly what we don’t want to convey.Not all trends match our style, nor do they favor us! So it’s best to stick to the ones we like. That way, we’ll make sure we’ll enjoy them and that they highlight our strengths.

Don’t be guided by what you see on the runway, on TV, in stores, or even on people you know.

We all have a different body and style, and being aware of this is the first step to start enjoying ourselves and transmitting our personality also through the clothes.

With those 4 mistakes to avoid, you can be sure that you will slay it in all your clothes. Do you have some other tips? Share them in the comments below.


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