Iconic Celebrity Wedding Dresses Through The Years (Part 2)

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We would like to say that all of them have passed the test of time with flying colours, but the truth is that this has not been the case in 100% of the cases (nor is it necessary). Among the first group, these wedding dresses are remembered today for their elegant design and continue to inspire brides of the 21st century. In addition, these bridal looks served, once again, as an example of why it is defined as an ‘icon of style’ to its wearers, who surpassed themselves with this decision, although the result did not convince everyone. We refer, among many others, to the lace dress buttoned in front of Grace Kelly, to the jacket suit crowned with a large hat from Bianca Jagger, to the vintage boho-chic look of Kate Moss designed by John Galliano, to the wedding dress with a ballerina cut by Keira Knightley.


However, as we say, in this list, there are also examples of looks that brought together all the trends of the time in which they were created (and some more) and today, they are remembered for being a reflection, precisely, of that time and also of the personality of the bride. This is the case of Rita Wilson (at her wedding with Tom Hanks) and her short, tight and ruffled dress in the purest 80s style; the Emma Thompson printed dress, the luxurious look of Céline Dion at her wedding with René Angelil in the 90s or the wedding styling of Yoko Ono, completed with sneakers – the great secret of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s wedding – and white socks. Perhaps today, they are not named as a reference when creating a new bridal look, but they have achieved something that is not easy at all in the ‘wedding world’: to become the most genuine of recent times.


Despite their differences, therefore, and how history has treated them, all these celebrity dresses have in common that, in their day, they left us with our mouths open. Who is behind its design? We anticipate that the names repeated the most on this list are Armani, Vera Wang, Helen Rose or Balenciaga. From ‘royal’ wedding dresses like those of Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle to the unique styles of Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham or the actress Lake Bell, we bring you the most memorable brides for you to find inspiration if you are looking for ideas for your bridal gown. If you haven’t yet read the first part of this blog, do it now!


Audrey Hepburn

For her first wedding, celebrated in 1954 by actor Mel Ferrer, Audrey Hepburn, she chose a mid-length Balmain dress with a full skirt, with a small sash at the waist and buttoned at the chest.


Michelle Obama

On October 3, 1992, Michelle Robinson married Barack Obama, her boyfriend of three years, in Chicago. She was dressed as the perfect nineties bride in the classic off-the-shoulder V-neck gown, oversized veil, and even more massive pearl earrings. Sixteen years later, he would be president of the United States.


Grace Kelly

The costume of the one who would become the princess of Monaco, made by Helen Rose (costume designer for Metro Goldwin Mayer), marked a before and after in bridal clothing. The use of its lace on the chest, puffy skirt, central buttons, and large sash at the waist are elements we have continued to see in thousands of bridal designs.


Joanne Woodward

That’s how happy the actress posed after her marriage to Paul Newman in Las Vegas. She was wearing a simple ivory rayon short dress and a matching jacket, and a low bow and pike-shaped earrings were all her headgear.


Diandra Luker

A simple short flared dress, a matching colour shawl and a simple silver clutch was Diandra Luker’s choice for her marriage to Michael Douglas on March 21, 1977. They had been dating for only six weeks when the actor proposed to her a marriage that lasted 23 years.

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