Perfect Dresses for Beach Wedding

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Do you dream of having your wedding by the sea and sand but are worried about finding a dress that is both comfortable and beautiful? Don’t let that put you off! There are designs for all kinds of romantic scenarios: in fact some beach wedding dresses will show you that nothing stands between a woman and her ideal wedding look. Follow these recommendations to find the perfect model and enjoy your wedding with the utmost freshness.

Delicate, Low-Volume Cuts

Your search for a wedding dress should be focused on your comfort, as feeling fresh and having good mobility are the keys to enhancing your overall bridal look and enjoying the celebration to the fullest. This is especially important if you are looking for a wedding dress for a civil beach wedding or any type of wedding ceremony in that particular environment.

Simple wedding dresses are best suited for warm weather. For this reason, voluminous skirts and heavily layered dresses are often unappealing to brides getting married on the beach. While a little volume isn’t out of the question, traditional dresses can be too heavy when exposed to the humidity and heat. If you can’t resist a princess wedding dress, keep in mind that it may be more appropriate for nighttime weddings, when the wind is cooler.

A -line dresses are practical and romantic and allow for a lot of movement, so classic brides will feel in their element in this cut. For their part, mermaid and flared wedding dresses will make modern brides fall in love with them, as their silhouettes are sensual and glamorous, perfect for indoor parties and ceremonies with a sea view or for boho chic receptions.

For elegant brides, the straight silhouette will be the most attractive, as it is minimalist and powerful, ideal for enjoying the wedding without sacrificing an imposing presence. And for the more creative women who want to wear modern wedding dresses, beach weddings are ideal to showcase unusual designs and cuts: crop tops, jumpsuits and shorts or palazzo sets, to name a few, can be the perfect combination of style and comfort, just imagine the unique photos that could be taken with these cuts!

Can You Wear a Long Skirt to the Beach?

Do not forget at any time of your search for a wedding dress for a beach wedding the specific conditions of your venue: outdoor parties can expose you to strong wind currents, so longer styles and midi skirts may be more appropriate for this environment. On the other hand, indoor weddings can be very hot, so short or asymmetrical wedding dresses are more suitable. It will also depend on the flare and material of the skirt, and of course your personal comfort: there is no strict protocol in this matter, so you will have to decide on the skirt length that suits you best.

Creative Necklines and Cool Backs

The neckline of your dress will be key to feeling fresh all day, so you’ll want to choose one that makes you feel comfortable. High necklines and wrap-around designs like halter necks or illusion necklines can be too heavy if they aren’t balanced with cutouts on top. On the contrary, strapless necklines will keep you uncluttered and breezy: strapless and sweetheart necklines are perfect for the beach.

The off-the-shoulder neckline is very delicate and can be suitable for beach weddings. If you like edgy and sophisticated details, you can opt for an asymmetrical or toga neckline. Simple beach wedding dresses can be styled to the max with an oasis neckline, which can also add a sexy touch to the look.

The back neckline, besides being refreshing, can be the perfect surprise effect of simple beach wedding dresses. A halter top will be a hit in modern weddings, while boho glam brides will prefer a dress with a mandala back.

Are you planning to have a beach wedding soon? What theme have you chosen? Let us know in the comments below.

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