Wedding: Choosing the Ideal Outfit for the Bride’s Mum

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Long before the wedding invitations are received, family and friends begin to prepare for the big event, especially the mothers of the bride and groom. Just as the bride needs suggestions on what to wear to the wedding, so do the mothers of their children. To guide them and you (who, as guests, have surely already asked your opinion), we leave you with some factors to consider for a successful look.

Gala, But True to Style

Moms can play around with their outfit until they feel comfortable and pretty in their style. This freedom does not mean that they lose the elegance, which should never be in contradiction with the practicality.

It is usual for mothers of the bride and groom to wear a dress or skirt, but this is not a rule. In fact, there are many sets of pants or suits that style the figure very well while remaining sophisticated. Think of the comfort that two or three piece coordinates provide, especially if your moms use them more frequently. Among the images of evening gowns, there are many options to break away from the traditional and look unrecognizable.

Short or Long Dress

To choose whether they will be short or long, consider the time and style of the wedding, which will be what marks a protocol or another. Long ball gowns are reserved for evening events and black tie celebrations, while knee length or midi length skirts are preferred for daytime weddings. Also review cocktail dress options: with beautiful shoes, they will become the perfect look for afternoon weddings with less rigid protocols.

If a decisive factor in choosing the length of the dress will be the silhouette and size of your mothers, consider that short evening dresses will visually lengthen your legs. As for silhouettes, A-line skirts, which are fitted at the waist, are flattering for all body types, but avoid dresses that are too wide so as not to compete with the prominence of the bride.

Sheathed, mermaid or straight skirts are recommended for women who are very happy with their figure, while empire dresses will help hide prominent waists and hips, if that is the case.

Who Chooses the Color

Traditionally, it is the mother of the bride who first chooses the model, color and style in general. However, the bride and groom are the ones who know the style of the party best, which is why their color recommendations within a palette are so important to their mothers. They will appreciate knowing what the tones of the party will be, and that you also take into consideration what works for them when it comes time to go with them to find their look.

About Black and White

Defining what colors are and aren’t allowed for the ceremony applies to mothers as well. For example, white is unforgivable when the wedding is more traditional, as it should only be worn by her bride in her princess cut wedding dress. Beige or off-white is also off-limits, unless the bride agrees or the dress code for the party is all white.

Black is also not the best look on moms, especially if they are very traditional. Although the dress code at weddings has become more flexible, it is understood that there are happier and equally elegant colors to accompany your children on this big day. In case any of them are encouraged to defy convention, among the black evening dresses of the last few seasons, you can select a model that projects all the energy that the occasion deserves.

Coordination Between the Two Moms

Asking your moms to choose outfits together can be a great way to strengthen the bond between families, but it is also something you can do separately. The important thing will be to keep the information flowing to avoid surprises on the wedding day if they wear the same color or very strong contrasts between the two. Do not forget that one of the most entertaining activities of the wedding preparations is shopping, so you can accompany them to help them choose and take the best options.

So what styles do you have in mind for your mum’s outfit? Let us know in the comments below.

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