Top 5 Tips to Choosing Your Ideal Tuxedo as a Groom

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In a wedding, most often, the hall, the banquet or the music represent the most important expenses. The same is true for the bride and groom’s wardrobe, and while there are many affordable wedding dresses and inexpensive suits for the groom, getting dressed does involve some expense. If your wedding invitations call for a “black tie” event, a tuxedo is a formal, elegant suit that is perfect for the occasion. Renting a tuxedo can be a solution for those who don’t want to spend too much money or who are certain that the suit will be used very little in the future. Remove all doubts about this service and make room in your head again for all the thoughts of love that the wedding involves.

A Suit Designed for Smoking

It all started like this: in 1865, the Prince of Wales, Edward VII, asked a tailor to make an informal jacket for what was customary at the time. The garment was so successful that it has since become the characteristic tuxedo jacket. In those years, it was the garment that English gentlemen used to smoke, hence its name in English: a smoking. And that’s because its satin flap allowed the ash to slide off in case it came off the cigarette.

But in addition to being an outfit for smoking, it was also a way to camouflage oneself among the elite. It was common that if a man did not belong to an economically well-off family, but liked to smoke, he could easily enter the most select social circles with one of these suits. Today, this suit is worn for formal parties, but it can also be worn to daytime gala events, such as a wedding.

1.Learn to Differentiate Between Suits

The first step to renting a tuxedo is to know how to differentiate it from other suits. Just as skirt sizes and volumes are the main aspects that determine the fit in wedding dress images, the jacket is the garment that will give you the most clues to differentiate any type of suit. The shape and length of the jacket are the most obvious to differentiate the cut, tailcoat and tuxedo.

In the case of the morning suit, reserved for daytime events, the jacket or frock coat is slightly fitted and is longer in the back, where it reaches the knees. The tailcoat is a suit with strict etiquette, the back part of which also ends at the knees, although in the front it has a straight or V-shaped cut that reaches the waist. The tuxedo, on the other hand, features a hip-cut jacket with round or shawl-shaped lapels, usually in satin, long and narrow. In addition to its characteristic lapels, it is the only suit that admits the use of a tuxedo belt, which also makes it distinctive.

2.Take Inspiration from the Colors

As this is a suit recommended for formal and semi-formal evening events, the most classic colors are black and dark blue. However, some brides and grooms choose to pair a white jacket with dark pants for a very attractive black and white effect.

For those looking for a jovial touch to match the modern wedding dress their bride will wear, simply choose a tuxedo with lapels in a different color from the rest of the jacket. The colors can be coordinated with the bow as well as with the vest or belt (these two elements never go together, by the way). And if, in addition to the buttonhole, you also want to wear a scarf, take a silk one with the same pattern as the bow or the lapel, which should extend three centimeters from the pocket.

Want to show how bold you are? For moderate boldness, for example, turn to burgundy or forest green tuxedos, which have gained prominence in grooming trends in recent years. If you’re looking for a bolder, fresh and innovative look, don’t miss bags in bright red, silver and gold or with striking patterns, such as embroidered or printed flowers or square designs as the protagonists.

3.Look for Stores That Specialize in Costume Rentals

Before looking for images of evening dresses to define the bridesmaids’ outfit, take the opportunity to search for stores that specialize in costume rentals for the groom. A good option is to guide yourself through the directory of costume stores for buddies that you will find on this portal. In addition to searching which establishments are in your city, you will be able to see photos of the provider, available models and even the minimum price of their services, which can be a reference.

Likewise, you will be able to consult the reviews of boyfriends who have already hired them; undoubtedly, the most reliable testimonials to know if your experience was satisfactory or not. And this is very useful!

4.Make an Appointment

After reading the reviews, the next step is to make an appointment with the rental company. It is always more reassuring to visit the store and clarify any doubts in person. Don’t forget to ask about the price, how many days in advance it is advisable to reserve the suit, what arrangements can be made, what is the penalty in case of damage, what accessories are included, what requirements are asked, as well as the time frame for receiving and returning the tuxedo.

5.Let the Experts Guide You

Talk to the expert staff and let them know what the theme of the wedding is, as well as what your partner’s look is or what little you know about it, in case they want to keep it a secret. Ask for advice on what accessories work best with the tuxedo you’re renting, such as shoes, bow, cufflinks and, if the store also sells suits, whether it’s more practical to rent or buy.

Does this sound simple to you? Yes, it is! All you need to do is spend as much or more time as you would on searching for wedding flower arrangements for all the decoration, because the main role of the bride and groom is always unquestionable. Once you’ve made your choice, it will be easier to focus on other details, such as the message with which they will personalize their wedding favors or the song with which they will open the dance floor. So what do you think about our tips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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