Outfit Styling Tips For Mothers

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You’ve just gotten dressed for work or visiting friends, fed your baby, and in some minutes, you find yourself bluffing about having a knee or shoulder full of bodily fluids! Do you get hard-to-wash snot, poop, or spit-up stains on your clothes again? It is pretty challenging to choose the right clothes for a day as a mother. Here are five tips to help you dress your mother in a fun and practical way while being a great mother!

In the first year of motherhood, many women surrender to that one outfit, already soiled, both inside and outside the house (with a few exceptions, some mothers always seem to be getting ready for a fancy dinner in Paris). But after a while, many mothers do not feel comfortable in various clothes and change their minds quickly, but don’t worry; we’re here to help you out! Here are five tips to help you dress up in a fun and practical way while being a great mother!

Practicality Is What Mothers Need

Choose ready-to-wear clothes. One-piece dresses are good. If you don’t want the endless adjustments while sitting, standing, falling, getting up, and going again, consider a suit that is a little more form-fitting. For example, something made of denim that can withstand almost anything, won’t tear easily and gives you a choice of outfits.

The Right Bag

Mothers want to have both hands free. This is because they constantly have to carry their children, clean up runny noses, cook meals, etc. It’s a cliché, but unfortunately, it’s also true. That means no clutch bags, but a backpack or crossbody bag. You can also just wear other essentials around your neck or shoulder. Strap your glasses, cell phone, and key chain (ultimate soccer mom look) around your neck. Also, a water bottle in a nice bag is excellent.

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Comfort is Key

Bottom line: choose something comfortable. It doesn’t have to be toweling pants or leggings. There are plenty of stretchy palazzo-style pants available. These look great worn under trainers, sandals, or boots. Oversized jackets and tops can also be your friend. You can wear big (men’s) shirts with the sleeves casually rolled up and the front partially in with the pants. Buttons and zippers should be avoided as they can hit your body, and choose clothes you can button yourself, such as dresses and wrap-around tops, for a comfortable fit. This also works well while breastfeeding.

Good Fabric

Anyone who has been around children – mothers, grandmothers, teachers, babysitters – knows that good fabric is everything, and this also means washable materials. Avoid wool, linen, and silk and opt for (organic) cotton, denim, or sustainable alternatives such as viscose, lyocell, rayon, hemp, and bamboo. Of course, color is also essential. You can wear almost all types of outfits in monochrome. As for colorful choices, darker shades of green, blue, yellow, and orange are preferred. In print, between flowers and checks, stains can be relatively unnoticeable.

The Finishing Touch

This all sounds pretty practical, and it is. However, it wouldn’t be complete without the icing on the cake, gravy on the potatoes, the top of the Christmas tree, in other words, accessories. You can dress up that denim jumpsuit with some nice gold chains around your neck and a statement ring, preferably without earrings, because they can also invite you into a tug-of-war with babies!

For jeans and a jacket, a belt with a small, soft buckle (not a hard one that hits your stomach when you sit down) and good cowboy boots also make a big difference. For those palazzo pants, you might want to have a sturdy pair of trainers to help you develop a sense of balance. Because that is ultimately your goal as a mother, to find balance.

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Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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