How to Choose the Perfect Wallet?

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Small, large, black, colored, zipped, patent, etc. These are just a few of the wallets you can buy, but do you know how to choose the one that satisfies you? Selecting the perfect wallet is not always easy. Get inspired with the following tips!

Size is Essential

The most crucial step towards your ideal wallet is to choose the right size. Are you looking for a smaller wallet or cross-body handbag that will only hold credit cards, ID cards, and a few small items? Or are you looking for a roomy wallet with enough pockets to keep all your membership cards, loyalty cards, old receipts, family photos, discount coupons, etc.?

If you can’t decide on the size of your wallet, you can also buy two wallets. In other words, you can hide all your important and not-so-important things in the big wallet and keep the other smaller wallet handy for when you don’t want to carry a big wallet in your big handbag at the cinema or cafĂ©, for instance.


Choosing a wallet is more than just deciding which wallet looks good and which doesn’t. Material is undoubtedly the most crucial parameter in selecting a suitable model for you. Usually, wallets are made of leather. This can be natural cowhide (nappa, nubuck, suede, velour), a tried-and-true classic over the years, or synthetic leather (polyurethane), which is also suitable for vegetarians. Both versions can be wiped with a damp cloth. However, the main advantage of genuine leather is that it develops a trendy sheen with use; unfortunately, artificial leather does not have this characteristic. If you prefer a classic fabric, you can also buy a pure textile wallet.


Everyday wear, sports, work? You can find a favorite for any occasion. The wallet you choose also depends on where you will be carrying it. For example, for ladies and gentlemen who have many bills, coins, and cards, a long wallet with a lot of space is the best choice.

Wallet, Money, Credit Card, Online, Shopping, Woman
Wallet, Money, Credit Card, Online, Shopping, Woman

Don’t Forget About Design

As long as you know what size and type of wallet you want, you can quickly choose the ideal wallet design. Colorful or unobtrusive? Patterned or neutral? Dotted or striped, elegant or sporty, it’s up to you to decide which wallet design is closest to your heart.

With the great variety of purses offered in the market today, it is guaranteed that every woman and man will have one to choose from. Therefore, you are sure to find the perfect one to suit your purse situation.

Tip: If you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for your wallet in your handbag, you may want to choose a more colorful wallet that you won’t miss in your purse.

Zip Or No Zip?

If you know precisely what size wallet you want, another critical question arises. Patent or zip? Do you opt for one zipped compartment so that you can easily hide your bills, coins, and cards? Or do you choose two practically separate compartments, ideally with one zippered compartment for coins and the other patent compartment for cards and bills?

It is up to you to choose which type of wallet you want. It is tough to determine which variation is better. It always comes down to your subjective feelings first, especially your wishes.

If you are unsure which variation is suitable for you when choosing a new wallet, try writing down what you liked most about your previous wallet and what you did not like about it. Your new wallet will be easier to pick up.

Wallet, Credit Cards, Cash, Money, Payment, Shopping
Wallet, Credit Cards, Cash, Money, Payment, Shopping

Which wallet do you prefer? Do you like smaller ones or larger ones? Let us know in the comments below!

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