Bible Clothing: Should Christian Women Follow a Dress Code?

Biblical Clothing: Should Christian Women Follow a Dress Code?

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We’ve all seen the depictions of Biblical characters in Western art and movies. Both men and women were portrayed wearing a loose, woolen robe-like cloak that was fastened at the waist with a belt. Another tunic with holes for arms and head was often worn under the mantle. However, today the clothing worn by believers is completely different.

Clothing appears in the beginning, in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve transgressed God’s commandment and ate the forbidden fruit, they realized that they were naked. Their sin and shame propelled them to create the very first clothing – fig leaves were sewed together and used to cover their body. So, this was the origin of fashion; born from the need to cover sin and shame. Eventually, God, in His everlasting love, killed an animal and used its skin to make garments for Adam and Eve.

Throughout Biblical scriptures, we see many examples where clothing was used as an indicator of a person’s feelings, wealth, status and position. While kings wore royal robes (2 Chronicles 18: 9, 1 Kings 22: 30, Esther 6: 8), leather belts represented a sign of poverty or asceticism because both John the Baptist and Elijah used to wear leather belts (2 Kings 1:8 and Mark 1:6). Prostitutes had a specific dress code and could thus be easily distinguished by their clothing (Proverbs 7:10, Genesis 38:14–15). At that time, clothing made with a coarse material was only worn during times of grief and morning (Joel 1:8) or when repenting of your sins (Johan 3:5).

However, since Biblical times, fashion has changed drastically as most people no longer live in the same climate that was previously found in the Middle East. Ladies of England would not dress like holy women of ancient times. Today, people dress as per current fashion trends and their local climates.

There are a few Christians, like the Amish, Quakers and Mennonites, who still gladly follow the style of “plain clothing” and avoid modern fashion. I also remember how the former president, Jimmy Carter, who was a Baptist, avoided “black ties” at all costs and would often wear gray business suits.

That said, most Christians today have adopted the dress code of modern-day fashion. But, what does the Bible have to say about wanting to look fashionable? Does it matter to God how we dress?

You Are Not Judged by Your Physical Appearance

You Are Not Judged by Your Physical AppearanceUnless you live in a country that legally instructs all Christians to be dressed in a certain way, you can wear what people around you are wearing, without being worried that God will frown upon your dress code.

I’ve said it multiple times and I’ll say it again: God doesn’t look at your pretty and expensive clothes; He will look at your heart. For Him, it doesn’t matter if you are wearing the latest of Calvin Klein or not. The woman in the brand new Channel suit and the one with shabby clothes has the same value before God.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can wear whatever you like. God isn’t going to be cool if you went around half or fully naked.

Decent Clothing

Decent ClothingWe are living in a society where many dress semi-naked or opt for revealing clothes.

“It’s all in the mindset.”

“It’s just a form of fashion.”

“Women have the freedom to pick what they want to wear.”

“Men should learn not to stare.”

I’m not here to argue against these “excuses,” but as a Christian, you cannot flaunt your privates. You should be dressed modestly and decently. Now, modesty doesn’t mean to cover yourself from head to toe, but to make sure your genitalia is fairly covered.

If you want to learn more about Christian women’s dress code, head to the second part of this article!



















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