9 Tips to Help Save Money When Shopping For Clothes

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These days, we are increasingly shopping for clothes and accessories online. However, many still occasionally shop in town. Whether it’s because it makes us happy, we like it, or we want to buy new clothes, we all need some money-saving tips. This way, you can head home free from bad purchases and an empty bank account! Below are some smart tips to help you save money when shopping.

1) Wish List

If you’re an impulse buyer, it’s helpful to make a wish list before you go. This can be done on your phone or in a notepad. Ask yourself what things you would like to get and what you need. You might also want to put down which items are “no-buy” items, that is, the ones you already have enough of at present. Follow this wish list when you go shopping to avoid a lot of pointless expenses.

2) Check Your Size

This one seems obvious, but we often make mistakes when it comes to it. If we see something on sale that we’d love to have, but the right size is no longer available, we are often inclined to choose a larger or smaller size. After all, it’s on sale, right? Pay attention to this, for if the fit is off, chances are you’ll never wear it.

3) If In Doubt Don’t Do it

If you’re unsure about a product, don’t make the purchase. Why carry something with you if you’re uncertain? You probably won’t ever use it anyway. If you’re still having doubts, taking a picture of the item is helpful so you can think about it for a while. Will you like it the next day? Then you can quickly go back or order it online. Afraid the item will be out of stock the next day? You can always ask if they are willing to hang it up for you overnight.

4) Invest

For example, if you’re looking for a good pair of sneakers to walk in every day, it’s not very practical to save up for them. After all, you wear them a lot, so quality matters. If you buy a pricier pair, it will ultimately cost you less than 5 pairs of low-priced shoes. It’s better to choose 1 good pair you can wear for a long time.

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5) Stay Critical

Before you buy a product, always look at it critically. Remember to check if the product fits well, if there’s something you can pair it with, and if it would be a valuable addition to your wardrobe. As we’ve said before when in doubt, don’t do it! Checking for stains and holes is always worthwhile, as they can pop up in any shop.

6) Keep Your Receipts

Always store your receipts neatly in your wallet. Any regrets about your purchase later? Do you notice a hole or a stain? Or is the purchase not for you? If you’ve kept your receipt, you can return the clothes within a certain period.

7) Water Bottle

Always carry a water bottle with you when you shop. This will prevent you from buying bottled water and will save you a few euros in no time. You might also want to put something to eat in your bag because shopping makes you hungry.

8) Always Try The Clothes

If you want to go a little further in terms of fit, always try on clothes before purchasing them. We often don’t feel like it, especially if many persons are queuing up in front of the fitting room. However, if you don’t, there’s a good chance you’ll get it wrong. So, don’t forget to try everything beforehand, so you don’t make a bad purchase.

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9) The Budget

Did you know that a budget can be a major pitfall? In particular, if you shop at discount stores, you often struggle with it. You want to carry a lot with you because it’s cheap. Or it’s so heavily discounted you just cannot resist it. This often makes you greedy. So consider your small purchases carefully. Bring the product only if you like it. Ask yourself, for example, whether you would have bought the item if it hadn’t been on sale.

Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

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